The Easiest Makeup and Hair Duos for Lazy Days

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When you only have a couple of moments to throw up your hair and put on a coat of makeup, you might worry that you can only manage the simplest option. But in fact, there are plenty of amazing makeup looks and hairstyles you can do with only a few minutes of prep time. If you’re interested in turning up your look even when you woke up a little late, try out these makeup and hair duos.

Half-Up Hair and Natural Makeup

For that “I woke up like this” look, you want to go with very natural makeup. It’ll help to disguise the fact that you didn’t have much time to prep and make it, instead look like a dedicated choice. Pair that makeup with a half-up style that’s incredibly easy to do and really makes a statement.

Half-up hair is simple. Just take a section of hair right above each of your ears and connect them at the back of your head with either a barrette or a ponytail holder. For natural makeup, don’t go too heavy with liner and eyeshadow. Instead, line your waterline with white to get rid of tired-looking eyes, add concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles, and finish the whole thing with a light dusting of matte foundation.

French Braid and Vintage-Inspired Lips

A French braid lends additional flair to your look while only taking a few more minutes than any other type of braid, and it pairs perfectly with a vintage look. If you have a bit more experience, consider a Dutch braid, which is almost an inside-out French braid. It’ll give you an even more sophisticated appearance.

One of the best things about French and Dutch braids is that there are endless ways to do it. You can choose to do yours with two braids running down each side of your head, or do one long braid around the side of your head. Pair it with a deep red lipstick and add some very prominent eyeliner for good measure.

Ponytail and Pink Gloss

Do you miss the ‘90s? There’s nothing that says you can’t go back to the ’90s with this look. Plus, it’s a great way to cover up the fact that you didn’t have a lot of time. These were huge looks back in the day, but they still showcase a variety of stunning features that anyone can love, even 20 years later.

The high ponytail and pink gloss combo is one that really overtook the fashion world in the ’90s, and it makes for the perfect early-morning look. Quickly brush your hair up into a high ponytail, making sure to tease the ponytail just a bit for more volume. Add a sheer pink lip gloss. If you want to kick it up a notch, consider adding a few barrettes on the side of your head for that Lisa Frank style.

Headband Wrap and a Burst of Color

A headband wrap is especially great for short hair because it helps smooth over the fact that you didn’t have enough time for a full-on style. If you can find a scarf with an amazing pattern, you can even make it the focal point of your hairstyle. To balance that out, don’t do too much with the rest of your makeup so your hairstyle can really shine.

There are a few different ways you can wear a headband wrap. If you’re dealing with a pixie cut, consider wrapping it around the back of your hair and tying it at the top. You can also choose to wrap it under your hair and tie it at your forehead. Choose one of the primary colors in the headband wrap and use it for your lipstick.


Easy makeup and hair combos
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Although you can definitely create your own looks based on the “I woke up like this” style, you don’t have to just stick to very subtle makeup when you don’t have a lot of time to create something in the morning. It’s surprisingly easy to fool everyone into thinking you spent quite a bit of time on your style. But when you’re so good at it that your friends start asking you to help them, maybe that’s a skill you should cultivate. With the Ogle School cosmetology program, you can take your first step toward a career you’ll love.

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