modern shaggy short hair style

The Modern Short Hair Look: Shag Cuts

modern shaggy short hair style
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The shag cut often brings to mind the ’70s, with its glam rock styles and choppy short cuts. However, the shag cut’s newer version is nothing like that old-school style; it’s actually an incredibly flattering look that can liven your current style. It has the same carefree look as the old shag cut, but with a bit less of the crazy messiness. If you’re interested in getting your hands on this new take on an old classic, there are a number of different ways to try things out. Here are some of the most popular takes on the shag cut that are currently reigning supreme.

General Shag Cut

Clearly, there’s no such thing as one modern shag cut, but there’s a look that ties these all together, and this is what you’ll probably get if you walk into a salon and request a shag cut in these modern times. Essentially, this is the tried-and-true shag but toned down quite a bit. It’s still made of layers upon layers, with choppy bangs and messy styling, but it’s softer, with more of a nod to today’s modern hair products.

Shag with Thick Bangs

Usually, a shag cut has fairly thin, choppy bangs. However, you can also go for a thicker bang look and still pull off this look. Let your stylist know that you’d like to keep those bangs long and lush. It especially goes well with a side part, another less-common shag look that nonetheless goes well with bangs.

Short Shaggy Bob

Typically, a shag cut reaches right to the shoulders, but by shortening it, you get something that’s still reminiscent of the shag cut, but easier to style. When you go for a bob cut, which is right around your chin, your stylist will usually shorten the bangs as well to get that shaggy look without having to lengthen the rest of your hair. You can even try a bit shorter and go for more of a cropped look; crop cuts will tend to have more of a nod to the original style, rather than being a twist on it, but it’s still a nice way to liven up a crop cut.

Long and Shaggy

Sure, you can shorten a shag cut, but you can also lengthen it. If you have long hair and can’t stand to get rid of it, but you still want the slightly messy shag look, try this on for size. With sweeping bangs and tousled waves, the shag look will shine through without sacrificing length. Longer shags will definitely be more difficult to style in the morning, so consider asking your stylist for some tips that you can use on days you don’t feel like going all-out.

Lob Shag

The lob is huge right now, and that means it’s a perfect cut to transform with a shag style. Split the difference here by ensuring that you have a stylist who knows how to tailor lobs to each individual. Usually, the bangs will be shorter than a typical shag, but longer than a bob cut, and volume will play a starring role in ensuring that your cut stands out as a lob.

Put-together Shag

The shag look is a bit messy and carefree, but you can still glam it up if that’s your style. With center-part bangs and lots of layers, you’ll get something that’s more “tousled” than “messy,” which can be good if you’re in a professional environment but still want the effortlessness of a shag cut. This more toned-down look goes especially well with long cuts.

Old-school Shag

modern old-style shag hair style
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Alright, you probably won’t literally go all the way back to old-school shag cuts, but you can get close without invoking the ’70s one bit. Essentially, this is an almost identical cut to the original shag cut, but it’s styled more expertly. Ask your stylist whether an old-school shag cut would look good on you, as it can be a bit messy-looking on the wrong person.


Shag cuts are incredibly varied, and with the right stylist, you can effectively get a shag haircut that’s 100% unique. Once you decide it’s time for the look to become your own, head to an Ogle School salon near you. You’ll receive personalized help to choose the best shag cut for you.

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