The Perfect Makeup for Christmas Parties

Christmas party makeup styles
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Christmas parties are the perfect time to show off your makeup skills a little bit. Of course, there’s a line between subtly showing off and dramatically showing off, and you probably want to stick a little closer to subtlety. So how do you show off your best features without making it seem like you’re showing off too much? These looks will draw the dazzling attention you deserve without making it seem like you spent too much time on your makeup.

Rose-Gold Eyeshadow and Rose Lips

Rose gold is in right now, and pairing rose gold eyeshadow with a rose lip is the perfect way to bring the pink out in your eyeshadow. Plus, this plays on a lot of dazzling concepts without looking too much like a disco ball. With the number of rose gold accessories out there, it’s easy to find additional pieces that really top off the look. You can easily pair it with a more effort-intensive hairstyle to carefully balance out your look as a whole.

Smokey Gold Eyeshadow and Neutral Lips

Smokey eyeshadow actually pairs well with gold eyeshadow; the dark shadows of a smoky eye illuminate even more strongly the gold pieces of the puzzle. However, this concept is very strong; people’s eyes are automatically going to move to your own. Because it’s such a strong look, stick with a fairly neutral lip just slightly darker than your skin tone. Pair it with a modern low-effort hairstyle for maximum impact.

Classic Cat Eye and Deep Burgundy Lips

Burgundy is one of the most common fall and winter colors when you’re looking to make a statement. Although the enduring cat eye and a bright red lipstick are two of the most classic looks out there, put a wintry spin on it by switching out the bright red for a deep burgundy color. It’s just toned down enough to work without completely upstaging the party. Make sure you pair it with a very minimalist hairstyle to effectively utilize it.

Gilded Eye and Sheer Pink Lips

This is perfect for those who enjoy a slightly toned-down look overall. Rather than making a huge impact with either your eyes or your lips, gently invoke a truly noteworthy appearance with both. Gilded eyeshadow is slightly different than glitter eyeshadow; you have to have a more delicate hand and allow your eyeshadow to speak for itself. Top it off with a pink lip gloss over a very slightly pink lipstick for best results. To stick with the toned-down vibe, try out a classic hairstyle that’s natural and low-effort, but perfectly elegant.

Neutral Eye and Red Glitter Lips

Many people stick to the idea of only emphasizing either your eyes or your lips; although there’s room to emphasize both, you have to have a pretty strong personality to pull it off. Instead, do a traditional nude eyeshadow with just a little bit of pop, then maintain an extremely strong look with a bright red lipstick and body-safe glitter. The glitter makes it perfectly on-trend and wintry all at once. You can use a pretty strong hairstyle with this if you want, but try an updo that doesn’t draw attention away from your lips.


Christmas makeup styles to try
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With Christmas party season just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start getting ready for the makeup you’ll pull out at each party this year. These looks will serve you well throughout December, but can also carry you through the New Year as well. Pull a couple out at parties year-round if you’re looking for a little extra glitz and glam.

Some of these makeup concepts can be a little difficult to pull off, but if you’re a natural pro, you might find that it’s as easy as breathing. If that’s the case, why not put those skills to use as a career? Look into a cosmetology degree at Ogle School and find out whether you could utilize your makeup know-how in the world of cosmetology.

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