The Trendiest Hair Coloring Styles of the Season and How They Look

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The Trendiest Hair Coloring Styles of the Season and How They Look

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Staying one step ahead of this season’s styles requires you to always be on the lookout. What hair coloring techniques are new and interesting? What are people really looking for right now? Here are a few hair coloring techniques that are trendy and interesting right now.


People have loved the ombré look for many years, and there’s no doubt that this season is the same. An ombré is simple, but it does require patience. Ombré styles also don’t have to be any specific color. You can blend from your natural hair color to any color, not just blonde. Although you may be able to do an ombré at home, the technique of crafting an ombré style can be complex, and if you don’t have a lot of experience, we recommend that you visit your stylist instead.

Ombré Highlights

If you’re not interested in going fully toward the ombré look, you might want to try highlights. Instead of doing your entire hair in the ombré look, you’ll choose a few sections of your hair that you’ll do in an ombré style. Not only does this give you more flexibility, as you’ll be able to choose exactly where you want the ombré, but it can also look more reserved, giving you a unique way to create a new style without being too forward about it.


What if you want something even more subtle than ombré highlights? In this case, a sombré is for you. This term refers to an ombré job that uses two colors that are very closely related. For example, a dark brown and a light brown or a strawberry blonde and a dirty blonde. This can create a variety of unique optical illusions or just an added bit of depth that you might not have had with your original hair color. It’s always best to work with a hairstylist you trust to ensure that your hair color comes out correctly.


Highlights seem to fit any season. Highlights are very easy to maintain and create, and they can allow you to express yourself in many different forms. Just like the other stylish options, it’s most common to see highlights in blonde, but you can do them in any color. If you’re looking to get funky colors for your highlights, you can talk to your stylist about doing so.

There are also many different highlighting techniques. For example, balayage, foiling, and frosted tips are all different types of highlights. One of the best ways to explain to a stylist what you’re interested in is to find a picture or video of someone whose hair you really love. Talk to your hairstylist about how likely it is that you’ll be able to match that exact look so you can get the style you’re dreaming of.


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Trendy hairstyles are always a unique and interesting way to spice up your look. If you find that your friends are always coming to you for more insight on hairstyling, you might want to look into the Ogle School. We prepare hairstylists for an exciting, rewarding career in the beauty industry, no matter what type of job you eventually want to do. Reach out to our cosmetology program today to learn more about this opportunity.

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