Hair Coloring Kit

The Trendiest Hair Coloring Styles of the Season and How You Can Do Them

Hair Coloring Kit
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If you want to get one step ahead of the season’s styles, you’re probably wondering what hair coloring techniques are taking the hair industry by storm. Below will give you all the information you need on what hair color techniques are trendy and how you can do them. 


Ombre has been a popular hairstyle for many years and there is no slowing down this season. Ombres are fairly simple to get but do require a little patience. A common misconception about ombres is that they have to be a certain color, usually blonde. However, ombres can be any color of your choice and are done by styling on top of your natural hair color. Since your natural hair color is still incorporated into the style, an ombre will not require high maintenance touch-up techniques. Ombres can be done at home if you are feeling spontaneous enough but it is recommended that you visit your stylist or colorist. If you are feeling creative, you can even mix multiple colors into your ombre.

Ombre Highlights

Ombre highlights are a more subtle option than a traditional ombre, but they can still make a big statement. The ombre highlights hairstyle is done by choosing a specific section of your hair that you want to be highlighted as opposed to doing the hair in its entirety. This leaves a little more flexibility and is a trendy way to leave your mark while still leaving a little reserved when needed. Like an ombre, ombre highlights can also be done in any color you choose. 


If you’re looking for something even more subtle than ombre highlights but with a trendy color technique that looks classy, consider getting a sombre. A sombre hairstyle leaves a sophisticated impression because it alternates between two closely related tones. For example, you can get a sombre that mixes a dark brown and a light brown or a strawberry blonde and dirty blonde.

A sombre can be done by following a few simple steps, but it is always best to work with a hairstylist you trust to fully understand the process. First, you must part your hair into sections and prepare the dying mix. The dye must be as close as possible to an even mix of liquid and voluminousness. Then, apply the solution through your hair with a brush making sure none of the layers become hard before leaving it to settle. After leaving the product in the hair for a few minutes and monitoring the results, you can rinse out the product with warm or cool color once it reaches the color you desire. Finally, use any post-treatment strategies as suggested by your hairstylist. 


Highlighting your hair is always a popular and trendy choice that seems to fit any season. Highlighting is a great choice since it is easy to work on and maintain and gives the freedom to express yourself in many different forms. Highlighting can be done in many different colors, but often the best results are shown through colors that compliment your natural hair color. 

You’ve probably heard of many different tricks to highlight your hair but for the best results, it is recommended that you consult your hairstylist or colorist. Coloring kits are available to purchase that allow you to color your hair at home if you are up for the challenge. Usually, these coloring kits offer simple-to-use instructions and involve mixing the dye, applying a highlighting cap, parting your hair, reaching the desired color, and after-conditioning treatment. Different highlighting techniques include foiling, frosted highlights and balayage.

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