Thinking about Bangs?

Pick the fringe that works best with the shape of your face!

bangs-postAdding bangs can be a great way to update your look. Be sure to pick a style that flatters your face shape for a look you will love! Your stylist can help you determine the shape of your face and the bangs that will look best on you.

Heart-Shaped Face: Because a heart-shaped face has a wider forehead, strong cheek bones, and a pointy jawline, a side-swept bang is ideal. This style will draw the attention down and towards the eyes. Another great look for a heart-shaped face is longer, choppy cut bangs.

Long-Shaped Face: Also know as oblong – this face shape usually means a high forehead with a longer, narrow face. The object is always to widen the face – so bangs work great because they cover a long forehead and shorten the appearance of the face. Blunt bangs work very well, along with a side-swept bang.

Oval-Shaped Face: If you have an oval-shaped face, you are lucky when it comes to bangs. You can wear almost any style, including trendy short bangs, blunt bangs, and angled bangs.

Square-Shaped Face: With a square-shaped face, the goal is to soften the jawline, so long, wispy, angled bangs work best. If you have a square face, avoid a blunt bang and go for something layered that falls below the eyebrows.

Round-Shaped Face: If you have a round face, bangs can be tricky. The most flattering option is a more graphic, curved shape, and you definitely want your bangs to be thick. A longer, side-swept bang can work for a round face.

Triangle-Shaped Face: A triangular face has a narrower forehead and a wider jaw. Strong bangs work very well with this face shape to help balance out the width of the forehead and to draw attention away from the jaw toward the top half of the face

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