This Summer May Be the Perfect Time for a Trim

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This Summer May Be the Perfect Time for a Trim

This Summer May Be the Perfect Time for a Trim

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If you have long hair, you likely love to flaunt it as much as possible. After all, hair isn’t easy to grow out, and maintaining those luscious locks isn’t simple. It makes sense that you’d want to show off the work you put into your hair.

However, if you’ve been growing out your hair, you know that the summer can be one of the worst times to have a long style. It can get bulky, heat up drastically, and be overall difficult to handle. If you’ve been considering transitioning into short hair, this summer may be the perfect time to take the leap. Here are a few reasons why short hair may just be better for you during the summer.

It Handles the Sun and Waves Better

If you’re planning to spend your summer at the beach, suntanning, at the pool, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors, short hair will stand up to your summer routine much better. The chlorine in the pool, the salt in the ocean, and the UV rays of the sun all do a number on your hair. While it’s certainly possible to negate some of that damage, it’s not easy. You’ll be spending a lot of time on long hair in the summer, from styling it in the morning to performing damage control at night, and that’s a lot of work. Short hair makes your summer hair styling much easier, and better still, you’ll have to use fewer products to do so.

It’s Easier to Style for the Summer

When you’re looking for summer hairstyles, long hair can be a bit of a drag. Just wearing the same ponytail every day can be bad for your hair, and you can only wear an updo so many days in a row. If you just leave it down, on the other hand, you risk overheating or ending up with frizzy, untamable hair.

It’s definitely possible to find a great summer hairstyle with long hair, but short hair lends itself perfectly to that beachy look you’re probably trying to accomplish. Even better, short hair is made to handle the heat. Leave it in its usual style and you’ll get the beautiful locks you’re looking for without having to deal with potentially overheating.

You Can Show Off Accessories

Summer is all about accessorizing. Adding some beachy earrings or an understated necklace to your outfit can be the perfect way to create an Instagram-worthy summer look. Hair accessories are also huge during the summer: flower crowns and clips make for a great floral accent on any outfit. With a shorter cut, you’re drawing more attention to your accessories. Rather than spending half an hour making sure your hair looks beautiful and then trying to decide whether the accessories you’ve chosen upstage your look, you can spend a few minutes choosing flattering accessories, and then throw them in and go.

Plenty of Options

types of short summer hair
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Short haircuts are far from a monolith. In fact, they encompass everything from pixie cuts to shoulder-length lobs, which means that you can work with your stylist to ensure you’re getting a short haircut that works perfectly with your face shape, body type, styling preferences, and overall aesthetic. It can be tempting to brush off short haircuts as being too one-size-fits-all, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just make sure you have a great stylist, and you’ll find that a short haircut will fit you just fine.

Summer can be the perfect time for a change, and that means you might want to look at changing from a long cut to a much shorter, more manageable option. Besides, summer is all about making a change and having some fun, and what better way to have fun than to try out a new hairstyle?

A haircut is only as good as your stylist, however. If you want to get the perfect cut, done by an expert, look no further than an Ogle School salon near you. You can get an expert cut, dye, or style, and your Ogle School stylist will help work with you to discover the right option for your individual hair needs.

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