Tips and Tricks for Handling Greying Hair

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Tips and Tricks for Handling Greying Hair

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Grey hair is an incredible look for many people. Some people even dye their hair grey or silver on purpose, and its mark of a long-lived life is certainly something to be proud of. However, if you’re not ready for grey hair, you might not want to see them starting to sprout, which means you could be looking for management tips.

Early greying is caused mostly by genetics, so you might not be able to reverse or prevent all greying hair. However, as you start to notice this hair change, you can try some tactics to avoid its impact. Here are a few ways that you can keep your hair its natural color as you age.

Supplement with Vitamins and Minerals

While genetics is one of the most common causes of greying hair, nourishment issues are another possible problem. If you boost your vitamins and minerals, you may be able to slow the greying process down, especially if it’s happening very early.

B vitamins, especially B-12, and vitamins D, E, and A are all useful hair growth, strength, and color vitamins. You can also look into copper, selenium, zinc, and iron to keep your hair growing healthy and strong. If you notice especially weak hair, consider talking to your doctor to see whether you have a deficiency in one of these vitamins or minerals.

Use Natural Dyeing Techniques

Natural dyeing techniques can help you restore some color to your greying hair. Although these techniques aren’t as long-lasting or intense as chemical dye options. They’re not great solutions for a completely grey head of hair but they can help you cover up some grey spots.

Here are a few hair dye recipes that can bring back some color:

  • Naturally blonde: Consider using lemon peel and chamomile flowers.
  • Naturally red hair: Soak hair in beet juice or carrot juice.
  • Naturally brown hair: Use coffee, cinnamon, or henna, which are especially helpful with red-tinted brown hair
  • Naturally black hair: Use tea, nettle, or black walnut. These options are less strong, which means you might have to do it multiple times a week.

Learn To Appreciate It

Many people start greying in their 30s or earlier, and for most people, it’s part of their genetics. If you start learning to appreciate your hair as a sign of your maturity, you might enjoy having naturally grey hair, even if it was early.

Additionally, many people have started to embrace grey hair, and you might start enjoying it more over time. There are some big-name celebrities who have dyed their hair grey before, and even young adults have dyed their hair grey. The salt-and-pepper or completely grey look can be amazing for many different styles.

Dye It Chemically

If you’ve ever been interested in dyeing your hair at home, this is not the time to try it out. Dyeing grey hair can be very difficult, and doing it incorrectly can cause more damage to your hair, causing you to go grey more quickly. Instead, you should visit an Ogle School salon to make sure you’re getting the look that you’re interested in.


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Many people feel upset when they see their first grey hair in the mirror, but you don’t need to worry when you first start seeing grey hair as there are plenty of options available. You can reduce your greying or find other options to make sure that your hair looks as great as possible. If you’re interested in dyeing your hair chemically, you can book an appointment at Ogle School to create a professional-looking head of hair.

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