Tips to Prevent Major Side Effects of Facials in Your Clients

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Woman worried about skin problems

Tips to Prevent Major Side Effects of Facials in Your Clients

Woman worried about skin problems
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How To Prevent Drastic Side Effects of Facial Treatments on Your Clients

Facials are a popular service provided by professional estheticians. These services help remove harmful dirt and bacteria from your pores and leave your skin feeling softer with a more youthful appearance. While they are beneficial, they can also cause serious side effects to occur. Understanding what causes the most common side effects of facials and how to prevent them can help ensure you will have a successful career as an esthetician. 

How To Prevent Bad Side Effects From Facials

While facials can be helpful, there can be downsides to this form of skin treatment. Some clients may end up with side effects that leave their skin looking less presentable than before they started. To avoid these issues, it’s essential to evaluate your client’s skin type and discuss any skin issues or allergies they may have before you get started. You can learn more about the proper techniques for facials while enrolling in a program at Ogle Facial Cosmetology School.

Here are a few common side effects some people may experience following a facial and how you can help prevent them.

Post-Facial Breakouts

Breakouts that occur after a client has a facial are caused by bacteria entering the skin during treatment. Everything from the steam machines you use to tools that are not sterilized correctly can be a breeding ground for all types of harmful bacteria. To eliminate these issues, ensure your tools are sterilized before each new session and use them as sparingly as possible.


Any time you use your facial tools or your hands to remove dirt and other impurities from pores, you risk damaging the outer layer of your client’s skin. Sometimes extractions that are not performed carefully can lead to severe cuts or bleeding. If you are not professionally trained to perform a spa facial, you could damage your client’s skin and cause an infection to occur. One way to ensure you do not cause severe damage is to always wear gloves while performing the facial procedure.

Irritation, Redness or Blotchy Skin

Redness, blotchy skin and irritation are some of the most common side effects people experience after a facial. These issues can occur due to the incorrect pressure of the exfoliation or extraction process. They could also be caused by allergic reactions to the beauty products used after treatment. To avoid these issues, instruct your clients not to wear any makeup or use other skin care products on their skin for a day or two following their spa facial. That will give their skin plenty of time to heal. Try to remind your clients that they should not schedule facials within three days of a big event where makeup is a must.

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Why Facial Consultations Are So Important

Facial consultations are essential because you will learn important information about your client and their skin type before providing them with a facial treatment. During this time, you have the chance to learn more about their medical history regarding the health of their skin, any diagnosis they’ve had for skin conditions, and any allergies that might cause a rash, itchiness or redness to occur. You will also learn more about their skin type, such as whether they have normal, dry, oily or combination skin. Be sure to ask questions about any spa treatments they’ve had in the past and whether they have had issues with prior facials.

You can learn more about how to perform a pre-facial treatment consultation while attending the esthetician program at Ogle Facial Skin Care School.

Where To Find a Facial Technician School

At Ogle School, we offer an accredited esthetics program that teaches the creative and scientific principles for beautiful skin. These programs run Monday through Friday and are available for both part-time and full-time students. Throughout our training we provide Career Services resources to ensure all our students begin on the correct path toward a successful career in esthetics. Contact us today to request more information.

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