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Top Nail Trends for 2014

One of the fastest, easiest, commitment-free—and fun!—ways to switch up your style this season is literally right at your fingertips. Few beauty treatments allow for as much creative expression as your manicure, so get ready to get handy (and footsie) with these top nail trends currently rocking runways and fashion publications all over. Are you all set to try a new look? Choose from one of these categories for a manicure and pedicure that will turn heads.

White—It’s More Than Just For Tips!

The clean, fresh look of a snowy all-white nail is a great way to pick up your look. White serves as a neutral, so it goes with everything…but it makes far more of a visual impact than traditional nail-color neutrals such as beige or pale pink. Additionally, it is as striking as its polar opposite—a black manicure—but white serves as a far more appropriate, airier statement for the warmer months.

As an added bonus, white nails make a perfect canvas for fun embellishments. If you like your nails distinctly on the wild side, try jazzing up a clean white bed with the following choices:

Colorful stripes (you can choose neons, darks, pastels—be creative)

Clusters of crystals for a subtle, rich effect

Polka dots in a contrasting bright or dark color.

Go Metallic

If white seems a little too tame for you, take a tip from your shoe wardrobe. Chances are you own a pair of metallic shoes, which do the neat double trick of creating a statement and functioning as a go-to neutral. Also, metallic shoes work for both day and night. Don’t reserve all this versatility to your footwear: The same goes for your manicure/pedicure! A slick of glossy gleam will add polish to your daytime look and pizzazz to your nighttime ensemble.

Gold and silver are tried and true classics.

This year, why not try something new: Rose gold, which is making big waves in jewelry trends as well!

If you don’t want to go full-on shiny chrome/mirror style, try just layering a sheer shimmer of metallic over a solid shade

Or, try one of the new “shimmering nude” shades which give a delicate metallic suggestion.

Easter Bunny Colors

Who doesn’t love the cheerful visual of an Easter basket filled with colorful eggs? You can bring this pretty vibe to your hands and feet and stay right on trend. Spring pastels—including unlikely ones such as pale yellow and green—are especially hot this season. Sweet!

Pastel pink will always be a classic, so if you want to try this trend but are on the conservative side, go ahead and start with one of the many available

Remember when blue nail polish was considered daring? It’s everywhere now, of course, and its paler iterations are lovely; try baby blue or a soft violet-blue

Pastel yellow looks surprisingly good on many people—just try a few different ones to make sure you find the best match for your skintone

Going green? Mint is a gorgeous way to rock this trend.

Walk The Line

What could be more simple than a basic linear stripe? Or a set of them? Or a whole grid of them? Stripes are easy to do all by yourself, and the possibilities are only limited by how many bottles of polish you have in your bathroom cabinet!

The best thing about stripes: They work in any color. Try pastel or classic reds for a more subtle look, or go full out bold/neon for a new-wave retro vibe.

Classic black and silver goes great with skinny stripes

Chevron stripes are a hot trend right now in home décor and fashion. Apply chevron to your nails, too—why not?

Or criss cross a number of stripes for a striking effect.

Moons Over My Mani

Here’s a super creative idea: We’ve all seen French manicures, where the tips are colored white (or, some other color—various iterations of the French mani are all over, and in all different shades!). However, the “moon mani” creates contrast by painting the natural half-moon shape located at the base of the nail a contrasting shade from the rest of the nail bed. Can’t see your moon? Some people’s moons are below the cuticle, but no worries. You can create one with paint. The sky, er, moon’s the limit!

Although this look may seem edgy, you can tone it down by choosing neutral colors—paint the moon white and the rest of your nails a pale beige or pink

Jazz it up for night by trying a black moon and neutral nail bed

Feeling daring? Try doing both moons and tips in different colors!

Or, get crazy and try a few trends at once with this particular manicure. Black, white, dots, red, why not?

Now that you’re armed with a list of trendy ideas, here’s to your next nail adventure – whether you try your skills yourself, or take it to your favorite local salon. Cheers!

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