Trendy Hairstyles You Can Discuss With Your Hair Stylist

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Trendy Hairstyles You Can Discuss With Your Hair Stylist

Trendy Hairstyles You Can Discuss With Your Hair Stylist

Getting a trendy hairstyle can be the difference between an okay look and an incredible look. Trendy hairstyles can vary based on your location, your hairstylist and your hair type, but there are a few trendy hairstyles that you can use to really turn heads. Here are some of the trendiest hairstyles you might want to talk about with your hairstylist next time you go to a salon.

Curtain Bangs

Trendy curtain bangs hair cut
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Curtain bangs are possibly the easiest way to transition into bangs. These bangs part down the middle and frame your face. They’re typically much longer than other types of bangs, which is one of the reasons they’re so easy to maintain. Using curtain bangs allows you to see whether you feel like bangs really work for your face shape.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is one of the most popular bob styles. With a blunt bob, the hair is completely straight at the ends; it ends in a very “blunt” manner, hence the name. You can make a blunt bob at any length, but it’s most common to see a blunt bob that reaches your chin or anywhere from your chin to your shoulders.

Modern Shag

If you were big into rock music during the 80s, you know what a shag cut looks like. These cuts are intentionally messy and give you that glam rock vibe, and they’re coming back in a big way. The best thing is that you can have a shag cut at any length, whether your hair barely reaches past your chin or your hair goes all the way down to your waist.

Tapered Natural Cut

If you have natural hair, especially if you’re looking to go from straightened hair to your natural curls, a tapered cut may be the best way to do it. With a tapered cut, the sides stay short, but the top stays long. This allows you to move into your natural curls in the easiest way possible, whether you choose to keep the tapered cut or change to longer hair around your entire head.

Asymmetrical Undercut

Trendy undercut haircut for 2020
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With an undercut, you shave one side of your head and leave the other side long. The length of the non-shaved side may vary from waist-length or further to just barely longer than a pixie cut, but the undercut style is one that’s becoming more and more beloved as people start to embrace alternative styles.

Angled Bob

An angled bob allows you to frame your face in a slightly different manner than you might with some other bob styles. The angled bob typically looks longer in the front than in the back, giving your hair some extra weight toward the front. This is nothing if not a modern woman’s bob.

Long Feathered Haircut

A feathered haircut is one that has many layers. This “feathered” style can make long hairstyles much easier to take care of because you don’t have a lot of hair throughout the entire hairstyle, just near the top. It also gives some extra lift to your hair that can be very difficult to achieve otherwise.

Asymmetric Pixie Bob

Trendy asymmetrical pixie cut style
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An asymmetric pixie bob is sort of like a pixie cut and an undercut combined. These cuts typically have one shorter side, which may or may not be shaved down, and one much longer side, which typically goes over the eye. It’s a great style for anyone who likes short, easy to manage hairstyles.


This list of hairstyles gives you a huge variety of options to choose from, no matter what your hairstyle or type is. When you visit an Ogle School salon, you may want to bring some pictures of one of these styles to show your stylist. That way, you’ll be able to get a style that will look trendy and last you for many months before you need a new style.

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