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There’s no shame in being lazy. Whether you’re rushing out the door or you want to minimize your morning routine, this lazy girl hair hack is such an easy style to recreate.


The hairstyle is called the Triple Twist Ponytail, and though it may look like a french braid, it takes much less time. In fact, you can get this look in 2-minutes flat.

You don’t need any special accessories, and you don’t even need to plug in your hair dryer. It takes just a few steps of gathering your hair, and securing it with an elastic. And although the style won’t work for super-short cuts, it works on just about every other hair length from shoulder-length to long hair.

To get this look follow our step by step tutorial.


Gather and Secure: Separate the top section of your hair by creating a seam on each side of your head along your temples. Gather the section at the back of your head and smooth the front of your hair. Use an elastic band to secure.


Divide Above The Elastic: Above where the elastic is, create a space for the first twist by dividing the hair above into two sections. Try to get this as centered as possible because it will set the path for the rest of your twist.


First Twist: Using the space that you’ve created above the elastic, flip up your small pony tail, and pull the entire length through the hole so that it falls straight down. This creates a twist above the elastic. At this first layer, people with longer hair can create more of a twist by repeating this looping process a few times.


Next Layer: Now gather the second layer of hair by creating parting seams just above your ears. Pull these sections of hair to the back of your head, and group them with the small ponytail from the first layer. Use a rubber band to secure these three sections together into a new, larger section of hair.


Final Elastic Band: Gather all of your hair into this last elastic band, and secure it below the nape of your neck at your collar line.


Create Volume: Finish by loosening and arranging each layer. At each gathering point, pull and separate each chunk of hair to create volume. Also pull some tendrils to frame your face.

Who knew that it could be this easy to look this good?! In just a few minutes, you might have the best looking hair of all of your friends.

For a variation of this look, this version of the Triple Twist Ponytail that uses the same basic structure, but it adds a twist at each layer. Depending on the length of your hair, its texture, and your mood, choose the method that you prefer.

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In the meantime, we won’t ever tell how easy it was to get this look.

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