Tutorial: Creating Beautiful Box Braids

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Before and after Box Braids

Tutorial: Creating Beautiful Box Braids

Wearing a weave is ideal if you want to grow your natural hair out. The maintenance will vary depending on what type of synthetic hair you’re wearing or how long you wear it. You want to plan to shampoo your hair every two weeks. Synthetic hair is not breathable, so water absorption will take longer to evaporate and could cause irritation to the scalp and natural hair. Add shine to your hair by adding a leave-in conditioner. Check with the manufacturer’s instructions before applying heat. Not all synthetic hair is heat-friendly and can lead to melting or shortening the lifespan of synthetic hair. 

As a rule of thumb, don’t use heat on synthetic hair. To combat frizz, apply a small amount of a water-based detangler treatment and gently comb the hair. You can also opt to add a small portion of oil-based serum to enhance the sheen. 

Before and after Box Braids

Box braids can transform your style and promote the healthy, fast growth of your natural hair. 

Step One: To reduce scalp irritation, prepare kanekalon hair by soaking in an apple cider vinegar mixture of one part vinegar and three parts warm water. Allow the hair to soak undisturbed for 15 minutes. A white film will form around the water, which means the hair is ready to air dry. Detangle and separate the hair once it has air-dried. 

detangle and separate hair

Step Two: Moisturize and massage your scalp with an oil treatment. You can also add moisturizing hair cream for ease of application. 

moisturize the scalp

Step Three: Using a parting comb, divide the hair in the back, below the crown of the head, and create a square-shaped section of approximately 4×4 cm. If your natural hair isn’t as straight as the synthetic hair, use a hair treatment on your hair to smooth it out so it blends well with the synthetic braid.

part hair into sections

Step Four: Take a small bundle of synthetic hair and separate it into two strands––one slightly thicker than the other. Superimpose the sections forming a cross and overlap each bundle of hair so that the thinnest strand makes its way to the middle. 

form a cross with strands

Step Five: Position the three divided sections of hair beneath the natural hair so the natural hair lines up with the middle section. 

combine natural and synthetic hair

Step Six: Grip the hair tight against the scalp, holding the right and left sections. Cross the right section over and into the middle.

start to braid sections

Step Seven: Cross the left section of hair over to the right and into the middle. Cross the middle section over the left. Repeat this pattern until you reach the end of the braid.

continue sectioning hair

Step Eight: Continue sectioning the hair into squares and braiding the hair in each section using the same technique as previously mentioned. 

continue sectioning hair
hair squares

Step Nine: Once each braid is complete, seal the ends by submerging the braids in hot water for a few seconds to soften the hair.

submerge hair in hot water

Step Ten: Wash the braids every 15 days. Avoid staying in prolonged hot temperatures. 

Final look behind

The final look is stunning, and your natural hair will look healthy with proper care. Are you enjoying our content? Read more beauty-related articles on Ogle School’s beauty industry archives

Final look

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