Three final looks

Tutorial: How to Achieve Curly Hairstyles

Three final looks

From mastering an intricate zigzag parting to smoothing out a high bun and creating a curly-hair crest style, we have three tutorials that show you how to achieve these go-to looks. 

Hairstyle One: The Side Updo

spritz hair with water

Step One: Spritz the hair with water and apply a coin-size flexible fixation cream to damp hair.

work wax into hair

Step Two: Massage the product into the hair.

draw zigzag part with comb

Step Three: Use a tail comb to draw a zigzag part on the side of your head. Keep the comb vertical and against the head while moving the comb up and down at an angle.

Part hair below the zigzag

Step Four: Use the zigzag part as a reference and divide the hair beneath the zigzag, creating a vertical part ending behind the ear. Pull that section back with your palm and secure the hair closest to your face with a sectioning clip.

Tie hair into ponytail

Step Five: Using a rubber band, create a ponytail behind the part.

apply wax to hair

Step Six: Grab your go-to wax and massage it into the front section of the hair for a high polished look. Comb that section back until it feels and looks taut.

Coil hair and secure

Step Seven: Coil hair around the index finger and secure it with a bobby pin.

Drape hair over bobby pin

Drape the hair over the bobby pins for the finished look.

Hairstyle Two: The Sock Bun

Pull bangs forward

Step One: Pull bangs forward and secure them with a sectioning clip. Apply wax to hair for all-day shine.

Smooth hair into ponytail

Step Two: Sleek hair with a brush, smoothing out any kinks.

Pull hair through donut

Step Three: Secure a clear elastic band around the ponytail and pull hair through the donut.

Coil hair to style bangs

Step Four: Drape hair evenly over the donut and secure it with bobby pins. Leave fringe curls hanging out. Style bangs by coiling in sections.

The finished look

Check out the sleek and chic fringe bun from the profile front and back.

Hairstyle Three: The Crest

Divide hair into sections

Step One: Divide hair into four parts from ear to ear, securing each section with parting clips.

Wrap rubber band around hair

Step Two: Wrap a rubber band that matches the hair color around each section of hair, creating ponytails.

Pull hair through opening

Step Three: Loosen and separate the hair above the rubber band and pull the ponytail through and over the opening.

Curl and style hair

Step Four: Repeat this method on each ponytail. Curl and style the loose hair draped over each of the rubber bands.

finish hair with spray

Step Five: Finish the look with hairspray for all-day hold.

Front. profile and side view

This style looks adorable from all sides!

If you’re looking to try something new and find more beginner-friendly easy-to-follow steps, check out the Ogle School Blog. 

All hair styled by Filosofia Peluqueria. Photographed by Aylen Ile Diaz.

final hairstyle

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