Tutorial: How to Draw in Your Eyebrows

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Before and after

Tutorial: How to Draw in Your Eyebrows

Drawing on your brows can be intimidating for many valid reasons. You can extend the tail end of the brow too far, darken the brows too much, make the middle section of the brow noticeably darker than the rest of the brow, or if you have less eyebrow hair, there’s the danger of creating an unflattering, overly arched brow. The beauty industry has developed a significant demand for brow specialists for these reasons. Brows can alter the expression of your face and become attention-grabbing for the wrong reasons.  

Whether you have naturally full and fluffy brows or you’re lacking in brow hair, we can guide you step by step on how to create a fuller brow. The model in this tutorial already has nicely shaped, full brows, so brow crème and shadow will suffice. A glossier brow pen is perfect if your eyebrows are on the sparse side and you need to draw in hair flicks and have it appear natural. 

From comparing the before and after photos, you can see that the finished result is a bit darker and more defined.

remove makeup

Step One: Remove makeup from eyebrows using a cotton swab soaked with makeup remover.

brush brow hair

Step Two: Use a spoolie brush or a brow brush to comb eyebrows upward. 

fill in brows with creme

Step Three: For this next step, use a brow cream, and dilute it with just a smidge of water to aid in a smooth application. Using a flat, angled brush will help outline your brow with precision. First, eye the reference marks––where your eyebrow should start and end. The eyebrow should start at the bridge of your nose and end at the outer corner of the eye. While drawing in the brow, follow the upper outline of your brow to create a fuller look. 

draw in eyebrows

Step Four: As you get closer to the center of the brow, use less product on the brush. Avoid saturating the middle of the brow with too much pigment or brow creme to achieve a more natural look. The darkest part of the brow should be from the arch to the outer corner, so avoid applying the brow cream with a heavy hand in the middle of the brow. 

remove access shadow

Step Five: Wipe away excess pigment or brow creme outside the brow’s shape with a fine-tipped cotton swab to achieve a well-defined look.

add brow shadow

Step Six: Using a flat, angled powder brush, apply brow color shadow that is one shade lighter than your natural brow color. If you want to achieve a natural look, then always use one shade lighter than your hair color. The brow shadow will help seal and finish the look. 

define brow with foundation

Step Seven: To define the shape of the brow, use a skin tone-matching concealer, and apply it along the edge of the brow with a flat, angled brush from the arch to the corner.

seal with a gel

Step Eight: Apply gel to clean spoolie, and gently brush it onto the brows for long-lasting hold. 

final eyebrows

The finished look is stunning!

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