Tutorial on Harajuku Emoji Style Hair and Makeup

Harajuku Emoji Style

The Harajuku district of Tokyo is a fashion hub for eclectic style that can range from edgy to cartoonish. The BBC explains that experimental teens built a culture of street-style fashion. The subculture style started to go mainstream in the ‘90s when singer Gwen Stefani referenced it in her music as well as her fashion choices.

There continues to be a fashion-forward subculture of Japan, and street styles of Harajuku are evolving. Tokyo Fashion explains that, “Harajuku is not a specific style or look — it is a special zone of creativity.”

Harajuku Emoji Style Tutorial

In the tutorial below, we’ll explain how you can create a Harajuku Emoji Style. This look uses bold colors, a cutesy hairstyle, and cartoon-inspired accessories.

1. Start with an Eyeshadow Base

Harajuku Emoji Style eyeshadow base

After prepping your skin as you normally would, begin creating your Harajuku Emoji Style by adding color to your eyelids. We used a bright pink color from BH Cosmetics’ eyeshadow palette.

2. Add Shimmery Eyelid Highlights

Harajuku Emoji Style Shimmery Eyelid Highlights

Add interest to your eyes with a shimmery highlight along your lash line. We used a pale purple color called Milky Way from the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette.

3. Build Eyelid Definition

Harajuku Emoji Style Build Eyelid Definition

Build color depth on your eyelids by using a darker tone on the outer half of your lid crease. For this shade, we switched back to the first BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette and chose a deep purple color.

4. Color Your Eyebrows

Harajuku Emoji Style Color Your Eyebrows

This Harajuku look is bold with its color choices. Rather using a natural-looking brown shade to define the eyebrows, we opted for a bright pink. Here, we’re using Rimmel’s Exaggerate liner in pink. It’s actually a lip liner, but it worked great when using it on eyebrows.

5. Line Eyes

Harajuku Emoji Style Line Eyes

Liquid eyeliner is the best way to get the bold black sweep across the upper eyelid that offsets the girly pinks of this emoji-inspired look. We used Brigitte’s lasting liquid eyeliner in black. Line the full top lash, extending slightly beyond the outer edge of the eye, and do a partial line on the lower lash.

6. Add Color to Lips

Harajuku Emoji Style Add Color to Lips

Go for a bright splash of color on your lips. This high-shine lip gloss from e.l.f. is called Bold Pink .

7. Brightly Colored Hair

Harajuku Emoji Style Brightly Colored Hair

Let’s talk hair color before we explain how to create the hairstyle. We used a semi-permanent dye from Ion Color Brilliance combining both fuchsia and purple for a dip-dyed look. Rather than a DIY, visiting Ogle School Salon can help you get great color at an affordable price. If you’d prefer a temporary solution, try using brightly colored hair extensions for this look.

8. Make Mini-pigtail Buns

Harajuku Emoji Style Make Mini-pigtail Buns

To make these pigtail buns, gather the front-right section of hair and secure with an elastic band. Next, twist the length of your hair and coil it around the elastic to make a bun. Use a few bobby pins to secure it. Repeat the process with the front-left section of your hair so you have matching buns.

9. Add Hair Scrunchies and Clips

Harajuku Emoji Style Add Hair Scrunchies and Clips

Add a colorful scrunchie on each bun, alternating colors with one in light pink and the other in lavender. Use emoji-style barrettes and clips such as this yellow star one.

10. Brush to Style

Harajuku Emoji Style  Brush to Style

Styling the length of your hair is easy. Simply brush it straight and you’re done.

11. Accessorize Your Outfit

Harajuku Emoji Style Accessorize Your Outfit

Now, the only thing left to do is accessorize. We liked the patterns of OMG Accessories and used the pink patterns to complement a pink faux fur coat from Banana Fish.

This Harajuku look is easy to do. Follow our tutorial exactly or make modifications to showcase your personal style.

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