Tutorial: Demystify the Spiral Braids Look

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before after spiral braids

Tutorial: Demystify the Spiral Braids Look

Achieve this labyrinthian style braid with our step-by-step guide. 

The elaborate, multi-directional braid will be head-turning and a fun style for any season. 

before after spiral braids

You’ll need the following materials to get the job done:

  • Thick and thin clips to hold hair
  • Hairpins
  • Shiny wax
  • Tail comb
  • Transparent or colored gummies.
materials you will need

Take note of the hair reference’s front, side, and back. We’ve numbered the braids to make following this tutorial easier. 

numbered braids

Step One: Divide the hair mid-crown, combing the front half forward and the bottom half of the hair back. Secure the bottom half of the hair with a band. Next, create a new part within that section––the strand will be in an ascending spiral shape. 

create first part

Step Two: Apply wax to both divisions.

apply wax to hair

Step Three: Gather two thin strands and tie a knot. Collect the third strand and bring it to the center of the two strands. As you braid, continue gathering more hair each time you pass the hair over the center strand. 

start braiding

Step Four: As you make your way to the front, collect double the amount of hair only from the left side. 

making your way to the front

Step Five: Once you reach the forehead’s hairline, continue to braid your hair and allow it to drape over your forehead for now. 

finish first braid

Step Six: For the second braid, divide the hair, so it is parallel to the first braid, and leave it 1 cm apart from the first braid, and repeat the technique from step three. At the curve, continue braiding and only collect hair from the left side to create a parallel twist with the first braid.

create the second braid

Step Seven: Make a new part for the third braid and repeat the previous steps.

repeat steps with third braid

Step Eight A): Plan out the fifth braid by dividing the hair as demonstrated in the photo. 

This braid will have three directions: 

  1. Straight back
  2. Swirl at the crown going forward
  3. Twist to the right
plan the fifth braid

Step Eight B): Make a knot and braid following the curve of the part, repeating step 3. When your braid reaches the swirl, only take hair from the left side, so the braid continues to swirl.

create fifth braid continuing swirl

Step Eight C): Continue braiding parallel to braid one. When you reach the forehead, take hair only from the right side so that the braid starts to curve towards the back of the head.

continue braiding parallel braid one

Step Nine: The fifth braid should be close to the starting point of the fourth braid. Repeat step three for the fifth braid, taking hair from one side so that it follows a parallel path to the fourth braid. The fifth braid should have at least a four-finger distance from behind the ear. 

start fifth braid

Step Ten: For the sixth braid, skip the knot and instead separate three strands. Skipping the knot will allow for a wider braid. Braid the hair, collecting more hair from both sides in a straight line. The braid against the head should end 4 cm behind the right ear.

sixth braid behind right ear

Step Eleven: Start the seventh braid by taking the remaining hair by the fifth braid, which parallels it, and braid with both sides. As the braid curves, grab only from the left side. Collect all the remaining hair from the nape of the neck.

start the seventh braid

Step Twelve: Take the front three braids and secure them together with a hairpin below the seventh braid, concealing the ends.

secure three braids with hairpin

Step Thirteen: Braid the three braids behind the right ear into a bun.

braid into a bun

Step Fourteen: Form a bun with four, five, and six braids and secure it with hairpins.

 secure bun with hairpins

Step Fifteen: Take the fourth braid and incorporate it into the bun, tying it with a hairpin.

incorporate the fourth braid

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the finished spiral braids look

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