What Is Microfeathering? Explaining the Latest Eyebrow Trend

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What Is Microfeathering? Explaining the Latest Eyebrow Trend

Eyebrow trends have varied dramatically through the years, and the past century of eyebrows has led us to the current trend of full, natural-looking brows. However, sparse or thinning eyebrows can benefit from eyebrow treatments to get the desired look without daily makeup application.

While microblading is a semi-permanent way to create a fuller eyebrow, a similar technique is subtler and can help you get a more natural look.

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What Is Microfeathering?

Beverly Hills eyebrow artist Kristie Streicher created and trademarked a microfeathering eyebrow treatment.

Microfeathering creates a natural and thick looking brow using a technique that’s similar to microblading, but instead of defining the shape of your eyebrow, microfeathering fills in the spaces between your natural eyebrow hairs. By working with your natural eyebrow shape and coloring, microfeathering can create an enhanced eyebrow that looks as natural as possible.

How Does Microfeathering Work?

Microfeathering is a two-appointment process that can be several months long.

It starts with six to eight weeks of uninterrupted eyebrow growth without waxing, threading, trimming, or tweezing. This is a requirement in order to visit Streicher’s salon, Striiike, for a microfeathering treatment. “It’s not easy,” says Streicher, “But it’s the best way to map out exactly where the hair is growing.”

During the first appointment, your natural brows are refined through a process that numbs the area and deposits pigment into small incisions. Unlike microblading, which draws several eyebrow strands at once, this process creates one eyebrow hair at a time. Thanks to ink that closely matches the eyebrow’s true color, it’s very difficult to distinguish what eyebrow hair is naturally grown and what was created using microfeathering.

After an additional six to eight weeks, the second appointment includes an assessment of the eyebrow healing. During this appointment, additional hair strokes are added and previous strokes are reinforced.

During both appointments, the topical numbing agent lidocaine is applied, and treatments may require a healing process that includes some redness, swelling, bruising, and itching.

Which Celebs Are Boosting Their Brows with Microfeathering?

The cost for Streicher’s two-appointment microfeathering process is $1,200, and her client list is exclusive.

Fans of the technique include many celebrities. Check out these Instagram pics of some famous microfeathered eyebrows.

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How Long Does Microfeathering Last?

Microfeathering typically won’t last as long as microblading because the strokes are finer and the pigment uses natural tones. A treatment usually lasts between eight and 12 months, and the salon says, “the dye-created hair strokes fade gradually over the course of a year, leaving no residual pigment behind.”

Additionally, the treatment’s longevity depends on factors such as age, skin care routine, and skin type, with oily skin typically seeing earlier fading than dry skin.

Getting Started as a Beauty Professional

Streicher didn’t begin her career creating the perfect brow for red carpet celebs. Instead, she started with a job at the Clinique Beauty Bar.

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