Where Can You Wax?

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Where Can You Wax?

many different areas to wax
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No one enjoys waxing, but it’s still a very common thing to do. A number of reasons exist why people wax, but most people just enjoy the smooth, clean feel and look of waxed skin. Although you may be familiar with the different waxing areas, you probably didn’t realize that numerous other waxing options exist. Here are all the different places you may want to wax.


This one’s pretty obvious, as many people wax or shave their legs. There are many ways to do it, and many people prefer shaving to waxing because of the pain generally associated with waxing. However, once you start doing it regularly, it’ll likely stop hurting quite so much.

Bikini Area

If the legs are the most popular place to wax, the bikini line is probably the second most popular. Bikini waxes are famous for being very painful, and waxing your own bikini area is quite a difficult task to take on. When done by a professional, however, it can make for a much better experience at the beach.


This is another incredibly popular place for waxing, although many people opt instead to shave their underarm hair. You’ll usually want to entrust this to another qualified person. While you certainly can do it yourself, you want to stretch the skin before you pull off the wax, and it’s much easier for someone else to do that.


Similar to waxing the legs, many people choose not to do this. For most people, arm hair is fine and not really noticeable, so it’s not really a problem. If yours is particularly coarse or dark, you may want to wax your arms as well as your legs.


Many people who wax their bikini area will also wax their stomach, and even those who don’t wax their bikini area will want to get rid of some of the hair on their stomach. Usually, you’ll only wax the hair right along the top of your bikini area. For people with light or fine hair, this may not be worth the effort, as stomach skin is sensitive, but those with coarse or dark hair might want to consider it.


The back tends to have a decent amount of hair, especially near the bottom. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult places to wax. If you’re going to wax your back, you’ll surely need help, because trying to pull off the wax on your own just isn’t going to work.


where to wax your face
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You can wax your upper lip and eyebrows, and both options can make your makeup routine that much easier. Be careful the first time you wax your eyebrows waxed, and go slowly. You can always take off more hair, but you can’t put it back on.

Hands and Feet

Although you may not think about it, you can actually grow some pretty coarse hair on the knuckles of both your hands and feet. Because of this, some people choose to wax the hair off, especially if it’s particularly dark.

Can I Make These Waxes Easier?

If you want to make sure you’ve gotten every piece of hair off, or you’re waxing a hard-to-reach area, you may want to find an Ogle School salon near you. The professional waxers can help, especially if it’s your first time.

On the other hand, if you feel like you’ve mastered these waxes, you may want to look into the Ogle School Esthetics program. With formal training on waxing, you can learn how to do it on other people, but you’ll also get some pointers that you can easily use on your own waxes. If this seems like something you’d be interested in, get in touch today.

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