The worst foods for your skin

Everyone is genetically different, and therefore everyone’s skin responds differently to diet, products, lifestyle, etc. That said, there are ingredients people can avoid or decrease in their diet that will help maintain a healthy skin. If one pays attention to what the body is saying, we can craft a unique, balanced diet to improve skin and overall lifestyle.

Linking diet to its effect on skin is widely debated. One rule of thumb I give my clients is that food easily broken down by the digestive system is better for the skin. This advice helps people stay away from unhealthy food, particularly food that is loaded with salt.

Iodides are found in healthy food like kelp; however, iodides cause swelling and inflammation. Individuals who struggle with acne and have diets heavy in table salt cause their already inflamed follicles to swell further, thus trapping oil, dirt and debris in the follicles, which causes acne.

Sugar intake also negatively affects skin. Sugar consumption raises insulin levels in the blood. As insulin levels rise, the androgen hormone is triggered. This hormone stimulates the production of sebum (oil). Oil over production causes problems with clogged follicles and more than likely, acne breakouts.

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Jaclyn Lepien