Zigzag Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

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before and after photo

Zigzag Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

If you’re growing tired of the conventional side and middle parts, add a little spice to your style with the zigzag part. This bygone 90s trend has recently reemerged, appearing on celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Duff, Bella Hadid, Zendaya, and Blake Lively. The jagged little line is either effortlessly pulled together or executed in a more precise approach where the zigzag is clearly distinguished by slick back hair. 

In this tutorial, our stylist will walk you through each step to achieving this 90s nostalgic zigzag part and how to create a multi-chignon bun with braids weaved in for more flair. An easy, messy chignon is the ultimate updo. 

Before you begin, prep your hair by washing and drying. You’ll need the following tools to get this updo:

  • Rat tail comb for parting
  • Sectioning clips for styling
  • Bobby pins for securing
  • Rubber band for a ponytail
  • Schwarzkopf spray for all-day hold
before and after photo

Step One: Using a wide rat tail comb and parting clips, create two parallel parts the same width and length as the zigzag that you will make on the left side of the head. Comb that section of the hair forward and pin back the remaining hair with parting clips. 

sectioning hair with parting clips

Step Two: With the tail of the comb, draw a zigzag line against the scalp, starting at the top of the head within the sectioned-off part until you reach the forehead. 

The front zigzag part

The complete front zigzag part should resemble the photo below.

creating zigzag parts

Step Three: Starting at the zigzag, draw a horizontal part from ear to ear at the crown of the head, and comb the hair into a ponytail. 

pull hair into ponytail

Step Four: Remove the parting clips from the remaining hair and wrap the hair once around the ponytail. 

wrap hair around ponytail

Step Five: Divide the ponytail into strands, lightly tease and toss to add volume and texture. 

tease hair around ponytail

Step Six: Roll each section around your middle and index finger, forming a chignon. Continue doing this technique in different directions. 

 form multiple chignons

Step Seven: Get creative with your chignons and weave a braid into the bun for dimension and a unique twist. Finish with Schwarzkopf spray. 

finish with hairspray

Even if this is your first attempt at a messy bun with a zigzag part, it should only take you approximately 45 minutes to achieve after washing and drying your hair. 

complete zigzag part look

This sleek and chic retro look is a youthful, head-turning way to draw attention to your neck and face. 

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complete zigzag part look

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