Cosmetology Schools in North Houston, Texas

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Cosmetology Schools in North Houston, Texas

Ogle School – Hair, Skin & Nails

Houston-Willowbrook Campus

The Ogle School Houston-Willowbrook campus offers day and evening courses in cosmetology, including hair, skin and nails. In addition to class training, students receive invaluable practical experience in our on-campus, student-powered salons, supervised by our licensed, experienced instructors.

The Ogle beauty school campus at Houston-Willowbrook is one of the newest in the Ogle School family. If you’re looking for a brand new place to put down roots, the Ogle School Houston-Willowbrook campus is a great place to consider.

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Since 1973, Ogle School has prepared its students for rewarding careers in the beauty industry using salon-modeled, student-centered training and development of the highest caliber.

Address and Phone Number

12974-A Willow Chase Drive
Houston, TX 77070

Driving Directions

Salon/Client Services : 713-487-2060

Salon Services Info

Online booking available for this location.
To schedule a service online, click here.

Admissions: 888-820-4224

Houston City Guide

Though people used to think of Houston as nothing more than a backwater town, it’s experienced a huge population boom in the last century, and it’s now the largest city in Texas. With a lower cost of living than the average across the country and plenty of attractions to experience, it’s no wonder that it’s attracted a significant population of young adults.

The Willowbrook area of the city is a relatively small one, but that hasn’t made it any less outgoing. Though it has only a tiny fraction of the population of Houston as a whole, Willowbrook still stands out as an all-around great place to live, work, and play.

Houston as a whole has an estimated 2019 population topping 2.3 million, and its 2019 metropolitan area population was estimated to be over 7 million. Plus, it’s home to 26 Fortune 500 companies, which has done a huge service to Houston’s overarching culture and opportunities.

Another reason people choose Houston is because it’s the most diverse metropolitan area in all of Texas. With racial and ethnic diversity abounding, it only makes sense that artistic diversity would also abound, even in small neighborhoods like Willowbrook. This is just one of the reasons that cosmetology has truly thrived in Houston, with plenty of people choosing to pursue their artistic interests in Houston.


You can see this artistic diversity in the Downtown Houston Historic District, which was where the city initially got its start. With a variety of original buildings all the way from the 1800s and modern trendy loft buildings alike, the Downtown Historic District is a great place to go if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next project.
Are you more of an outdoorsy person? Houston is still one of the best places for you to go. Houston as a whole has more than 300 parks scattered around the city, and Willowbrook even offers proximity to a huge variety of green spaces.
A decent amount of Willowbrook is taken up with the Willowbrook Mall, a shopping complex that includes all the basics you need in a shopping area. It even provides access to a number of different restaurants, including both well-known chains and more unique Willowbrook offerings, so you’re sure to enjoy yourself.
One way to connect to Houston is by appreciating the huge arts community it has. That includes arts of all types, which means you might gain some appreciation for arts of all different types by living in the Willowbrook-Houston area. It’s a great way to become more artistic in many different ways.

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Houston Cultural Attractions

There are plenty of cultural attractions to enjoy in the Willowbrook-Houston area and in the Houston area as a whole. After all, Forbes magazine called Houston “America’s Coolest City” for a reason: it seems to split its time fairly evenly between arts and trendy hangout spots.

 The Museum District is one of the biggest draws of Houston. You can find more than 500 cultural organizations in the Museum District, including 19 museums, four walkable zones, and much more. From the Houston Zoo to The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, museums and similar organizations are part of the lifeblood of Houston.

 In Willowbrook specifically, you won’t find as many cultural fixtures because it’s so small. However, Willowbrook does have plenty of places for people to have fun, including locations like the Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex. Plus, if you’re craving something a bit bigger, the entirety of Houston is essentially at your fingertips.

Shopping Destinations

With a huge variety of shopping opportunities available throughout Houston, it’s easy to see why so many people adore shopping in this city. In fact, the underground Houston tunnel system, which offers air conditioning and a variety of amenities, links many major buildings in Houston across 95 blocks.

 Aside from that, Houston also holds the largest mall in Texas: the Galleria mall, which includes 400 different stores and even two swimming pools. This mall also has 12 beauty salons and includes anchor stores that offer makeup launches for huge brand names like Dolce & Gabbana.

 In Willowbrook, your choices might be slightly less extravagant, but that doesn’t mean you have to abstain from the fun entirely. Willowbrook still offers the Willowbrook Mall, Willowbrook Court, and Willowbrook Plaza, all of which are great places to go if you’re looking to cure the shopping itch close to home.

Campus Lowdown

The Houston-Willowbrook campus is right next to the Willowbrook Mall, which is where you can find a variety of shops and stores that allow you to shop around and find something new. From big-box retail stores to smaller stores scattered across the area, the Houston-Willowbrook campus always has something new to find.

If you’re the kind of person to love a bit of a bite to eat in between classes, you’ll definitely appreciate this location. You can find a variety of food places, including sit-down restaurants, fast casual, and fast food restaurants to suit every taste.

Plus, this complex is just by some of the residential areas of Houston. That means you don’t have to go far to find a great place to live just near your school. The Houston-Willowbrook campus is a great place for working students and heads of the family.

Houston-Willowbrook Cosmetology School at Ogle

If you’re thinking about a cosmetology career in the Houston-Willowbrook area, you might want to consider how you’ll be able to best set yourself up for a cosmetology career. Ogle School will help you with three major pillars of cosmetology: technical skills, creativity, and business acumen.

First and foremost, you’re going to need a lot of technical skills to maximize your cosmetology opportunities. No one’s going to hire you if you can’t cut someone’s hair, after all. However, Ogle School teaches much more than just haircutting; you’ll learn how to deal with all types and textures of hair, how to maintain a salon area, and more.

The creativity  that you need is also an inherent part of cosmetology. If creativity wasn’t an aspect, cosmetology would be ripe for automation. However, creativity skills are actually a crucial part of a flourishing cosmetology school. That’s why Ogle School encourages creativity through its cutting-edge courses.

It’s also important that you’re able to run your cosmetology practice as a successful business. Most cosmetologists in Houston-Willowbrook work as freelancers, which means they’re essentially running their own business even if they’re working at a salon. That’s why the business classes at Ogle School can be so beneficial.

If you’re thinking about becoming a cosmetologist, there are definitely a number of different things to think about. However, Ogle School will help you prepare for all the most common problems. Talk to an Ogle School team member today to learn more about becoming a cosmetologist on your own terms.

Houston-Willowbrook Esthetician School at Ogle

Esthetics is a great field to go into. The licensed esthetician

program at the Houston-Willowbrook location will provide you with all the tools you need for a successful career in just about any skincare or makeup application field.

When you go through an esthetician program, you’ll learn more about the technical aspects of skincare. From anti-aging techniques to addressing acne for your clients, this esthetician school will give you the building blocks you need for a successful career.

Plus, you won’t just get technical information. You’ll also learn more about how to stay on the cutting edge of today’s style trends. Ogle School also provides business education, making it easier for you to succeed as an esthetics expert.

If you’re looking for a machine-proof job, esthetics could be a great option for you. Not only is esthetics at a very low, essentially negligent risk of automation, but the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that skincare jobs will grow more quickly than other jobs — an estimated 14% growth between 2016 and 2026.

With a student-centered process and more thorough understanding of how esthetics works best, Ogle School is a great place for you to learn esthetics. Learn more about how Ogle School’s Houston-Willowbrook campus can prepare you for an esthetics career.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ogle School Campus at Houston-Willowbrook

    • Does the Houston-Willowbrook Campus Have Financial Aid Available?
      Financial aid is an important question for many people regarding their education. If you’re worried about financial aid in your own experience, there’s no need to worry with Ogle School. There are many options for financial aid, including help with applying for federal and private financial aid, which makes it easier for many students to attend their perfect school.
    • What Programs Does the Houston-Willowbrook Campus Offer?
      If you’re looking for more information about the Houston-Willowbrook campus, you may want to talk to an Ogle School expert to find out more about the programs and times available. Many programs at Ogle School have both full-time and part-time options, making it even easier for working students and heads of families to succeed at this campus.
    • How Do I Know Whether the Houston-Willowbrook Campus Is Right for Me?
      Choosing the right campus is a difficult thing to do. You might not know whether a campus is right for you until you see it. Schedule a tour at the Houston-Willowbrook Ogle School campus today. That way, you’ll get to walk around and really decide for yourself.
    • Who Is the Houston-Willowbrook Campus Geared Toward?
      The area of the Houston-Willowbrook Ogle School campus is right in the center of everything. It’s just near a mall, centered in Northwest Houston, with access to residential areas and even some parks. This campus is a great campus for just about anyone to attend, regardless of preferences for urban or suburban lifestyles.

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