The opportunity to nominate an Ogle associate through the Ogle website begins today and ends on Saturday, November 30th, 2019. The nominees must meet the following criteria to be considered:

1. Be an employee in good standing
2. Employed for at least 12 months by the end of the nomination period (11/30/19)
3. Contribute to Our Values and student outcomes in an exceptional manner
  • Please write in nominee's position/title if they are not an instructor.

  • Nomination Instructions

    Please use the Ogle School Mission as a guide as you identify coworkers at your location who exemplify our Values for consideration of the T.I.R.E.S. Award. Your nomination does NOT need to include an example of all Values.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork is working together, despite diverse responsibilities, background and perspectives, in order to achieve a goal. No one of us can achieve as much as all of us.
    Example: John identifies fellow employees that may be struggling in a specific area and coaches them. We have a new employee who is sometimes overwhelmed by the requirements of her new role. John has stayed over to help them stay current, answer questions and to provide mentorship. This is the type of teamwork we consistently see from John.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is the ability to meet life’s challenges with equal parts of courage, honesty and sound moral principle.
    Example: Recently, Mark experienced some tough situations in his personal life. No one could have blamed Mark for taking time off during these tough times. However, he made a commitment to his Admissions team and students that he would be at Orientation. Mark stayed true to his commitment and was at Orientation to greet his students with a smile. Despite his personal life challenges, Mark is known to do what he says he will.

  • Respect

    Respect is the ability to listen, communicate and to treat others kindly and politely.
    Example: Sally shows kindness to her students, customers and fellow employees when interacting with them on a daily basis. In meetings, Sally makes sure she does not interrupt when someone is talking and before the meeting concludes, she makes sure to ask every individual if there is anything else to discuss. When someone gets off topic, she always guides them back on course without making anyone feel uncomfortable. She makes everyone feel important by using and making eye contact.

  • Excellence

    Excellence is the use of effective planning and to achieve and strive for exceptional results.
    Example: Kevin has been having a great 2nd quarter in terms of his salon sales and services goals. In fact, they were just recognized as the top performing salon in the company. However, Kevin was not satisfied with those results. He set up a meeting with his staff and Director to create a plan to achieve their own goals. By the end of the 2nd quarter, Kevin and his salon team had not only met their own goals, but also shattered any previous quarterly salon performance records.

  • Service To The Customer

    Service to the customer is the ability to meet the needs and desires of any customer through promptness, politeness and professionalism.
    Example: Brenda noticed that one of her students was having trouble grasping one of the new hair cutting techniques discussed in class. As the day was wrapping up, Brenda adjusted her schedule to free up some time. During this time, she pulled the student aside and reviewed the hair cutting technique again. They continued on with the review until the student was comfortable with the new technique. This additional review time served the student well as the student had an appointment in which they would use the new technique. The student was able to service her client with legendary customer service using the new technique.

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