Pearl Award

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Our Mission:

 In 2009, we formally stated our long-standing Mission: “preparing committed students for rewarding careers in the beauty industry through salon-modeled, student-centered training and development of the highest caliber.

This statement underlies every decision, every initiative, every interaction with all of Ogle’s constituencies, not just students. Every word has meaning.

Certainly students have committed their time and money to their education.

The career they achieve must be rewarding personally and financially.

Salon-modeled means that everything from work stations, to supplies, to attire, to behavioral expectations mirror those found in the work setting.

Student-centered suggests exactly that.  Everything circles around the students’ experience, satisfaction and ultimate employability.

The word training means a practical, applied approach to education.

Development suggests that Ogle is committed to helping its students grow both personally and professionally as they prepare for their careers.  Career achievement is as much about character as it is skill.

And finally, highest caliber signifies that Ogle is prepared to be accountable for the highest attainable results on a measurable basis, and not just passing regulatory muster.

Our Values:



Service to the Customer



These values, adopted in 2009, guide the pursuit of Ogle’s Mission.

Respect mandates a participative management style that values the contributions of all associates in decision making.  Only through a culture of mutual respect and trust will associates extend beyond the boundaries of self interest in the collective pursuit of Our Mission.  The most important expression of respect to an associate is the opportunity to meet a challenge that requires stretching beyond previous limits.  This is the dynamic of personal growth that leads to being our best.

Integrity is the ability to meet life’s challenges with equal parts of courage, honesty and sound moral principle. Our commitment to integrity compels us to do the right thing.  Organizations with the highest integrity are the most respected and produce the best outcomes.  Ogle’s goal is perfect compliance. Associates keep promises and commitments, reject gossip, openly communicate and follow Ogle policies and best practices.

Service to the Customer means that Ogle recognizes students, salon clients, employers, local communities, accrediting and regulatory agencies as external customers and all associates as internal customers. Anyone whose expectations must be met to achieve Our Mission is a customer.

The pursuit of Our Mission is grounded in the knowledge that no one of us can achieve as much as all of us.  Ogle is an ever changing collection of teams who are student-centered.  Teamwork demands a participative, flat management organization that seeks and assimilates associate input and then acts in an accountable manner.

Finally, at Ogle, Excellence is about keeping score.  For that reason, the Company is very metrics driven. Of course the marketing and admissions realm rely heavily on metrics, but at Ogle, everything is measured at least quarterly if not monthly including, for example: completion, licensure (including written and practical exams) and graduate employment; student and salon client satisfaction; associate and student retention; salon performance; supply usage; sufficient student to instructor ratios and compliance events of all kinds.

 Ogle’s Mission, Values and metrics define the Company’s goals and successes.

In an effort to fully instill the Mission and Values, the Company has established the Pearl Award which is bestowed annually on those associates who most epitomize the Mission and Values in achieving exemplary results. Individuals are nominated by associates, and then presented to a panel of prior year Pearl Award recipients for final consideration. The Company then recognizes and celebrates the recipients (typically 1-3) in the annual Pearl Award dinner. Pearl recipients retain the designation throughout their employment at Ogle and can be identified by the Pearl lapel pin or necklace they constantly wear.

2016 Pearl Award Winners

John Blair (President & CEO), Sylvia Ponciano

2015 Pearl Award Winners

Nikki Pompei, (John Blair – President & CEO)

 Past Pearl Award Winners

Top Row: Alicia Balderramos, Lisa Wiley, Jose Vega, John Blair (CEO), Nikki Pompei, Stacy Hodge, Ramon Bustos, Trish Queen
Bottom Row: Mike Buchyn, Stephanie Burns, Sylvia Ponciano, Vivian Herrarte, Anna Reyes