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11 Signs You May Be A Future Esthetician

The title of “esthetician” has a very clinical—and somewhat grave—sound to it, but in reality, it’s one of the most hands-on, caring fields in the beauty industry. Students of esthetics are responsible for transforming the very fabric of human beauty, the skin, creating a healthy foundation for all other treatments to follow.

In addition to working on complexion issues, estheticians learn proper waxing and other skin-related techniques, equipping them to provide a total polished surface for their clients.

Estheticians also enjoy the bonus of a range of attractive career opportunities. Spas and clinics in need of these professionals abound—would you prefer working in a medical office, cruise ship, or even a destination spa? The choices are broad and varied!

If all this sounds more than “skin deep” to you, here’s a few fun signs to consider that might just indicate you’re perfect for the field of esthetics!

#1. As a child, you didn’t make pies with your mud puddles. You slathered it right on your face—just like the ladies in mommy’s beauty magazines!

esthetician facial mud

#2. When you became a little older, you came up with your own unique Mother’s Day gift: A homemade “spa day,” complete with cucumber slices, bubble bath, and scented candles for Mom.

homemade spa treatment

#3. As a teenager, your birthday list included a Clarisonic set, plus magnifying lamp.

#4. Also, you were likely the only one of your crowd who resisted picking at those pesky adolescent pimples (and you yelled at your friends when they did so, too)!

skincare acne pimples blemishes

#5. Speaking of pimples and blackheads, they’ve never grossed you out. In fact, you actually get a lot of satisfaction from extracting them—properly, of course!

#6. You can whip up a homemade facial using just about any ingredients in anyone’s refrigerator/pantry—and you can specialize it to a particular skin condition, too.

esthetician facial mask

#7. You have always received compliments for your glowing, satiny complexion. And nine times out of 10, you aren’t wearing makeup.

#8. Nothing makes you cringe more than a bad (or nonexistent) bikini wax at the pool or beach.

#9. Oh wait, take that back. Nothing makes you cringe more than people who don’t use sunscreen at the pool or beach!

skincare sunburn

#10. You love the smell of eucalyptus, and nothing makes you happier than the idea of spending every day in a spa.

#11. Even more than that, you love the idea of getting down to the actual root surface of what makes a person physically beautiful. You believe a perfect canvas is an essential start to any work of art!

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