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11 Signs that Are You A Future Hair Stylist

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Love hair? Love to play with hair? Love to cut, trim, curl, and just generally get your hands into a head of hair? There are plenty of people out there who enjoy the art of hairstyling—but probably the biggest indicator that you are a true future hair stylist is your overall attitude toward your finished product.

Natural-born hair stylists know that a bad hair day can, actually, ruin an otherwise perfectly good day. And that a gorgeously styled mane can up an average-looking individual’s attractiveness quotient by at least several points. All that said, if you truly believe in the power of a well-done ‘do, here are 11 fun things to consider when asking yourself, “Am I a hair stylist in training?”

#1. As a child, you cut off all your Barbie doll’s hair. Then cried when you realized it wouldn’t grow back. (Bonus: You did it to your sister’s Barbie, and cried when you realized what hot water you were going to be in when she found out!)

#2. Then you recovered… and tried your shears out on one of Barbie’s buddies!

#3. You have no fear of going extreme with your ‘do: You know that unlike Barbie, human hair always grows back (at the average rate of a half inch per month, as a matter of fact). So, whether it’s a mohawk, pixie, or fade — if you hate it, so what? Time heals everything!

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#4. That said, you have always been cognizant of how facial shapes and features can be enhanced (or the exact opposite!) by just the right haircut.

#5. Cutting bangs is a major decision for most ordinary people. You? Tried ’em and grown ’em out at least four times over your life. (Okay—your first-grade school photo doesn’t count…maybe three times!)

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#6. You were the most popular kid in class come prom time. You fixed up all your gal pals with perfect long curls, and showed all your boys how not to overdo it with the hair gel.

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#7. You’ve also taught your dad, brothers, uncles, and other guys in your life exactly how to use hair gel and other grooming products—plus what looks really just don’t work–and that a good hairstyle isn’t just for the ladies.

#8. Your worst nightmare: Split ends. Conditioner is a temporary fix… you know the only real solution is to cut those buggers off!

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#9. You get completely excited discussing the various merits of ceramic straighteners.

#10. You know Brazilian blowouts contain formaldehyde. You also know it’s usually such a small amount that it’s not a safety concern.

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#11. You never lose sight of the simple fact: When your hair looks good, you look good. Plain and simple. And you’re happy to be part of anyone’s transformation to a good hair day!

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