90s Looks You Should Totally Bring Back This Fall

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90s Looks You Should Totally Bring Back This Fall

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Everyone’s always looking for the next big makeup trend so that they can get in on the ground floor. Being on-trend is all about knowing that those trends are going to happen, and for many people, that means having the inside scoop.

However, what if the newest thing is an older thing? That’s right: many ’90s styles are coming back into vogue. People are starting to transition into a more mature version of those ’90s styles that people loved back in the day, and it’s definitely something to look forward to. Here are the best of the best for your ’90s retro looks this fall.

Subtle Contour

Harsh contours are all the rage in the current makeup world, but subtlety is coming back. Instead of bringing out your cheekbones to a razor-sharp point, be a little gentler and contour a little bit less. It’ll give you an innocent, soft look that can play well with your fall palette.

Neutral Lip Tone

If you look back into the makeup of the ’90s, you’ll find a lot of brown and beige lip tones. That’s because those muted tones were in high demand. Get in on this trend with a simple brown lipstick. Find one that’s a little darker than your skin tone for a more natural look that’ll fit in perfectly with your other fall colors.

Smudged Eyeliner

Grungy looks were a huge part of the makeup world in the ’90s, and the smudgy eyeliner so frequently associated with grunge was absolutely in style. There are two equally great ways to add this look to your repertoire. The first is to use a small but fluffy brush, work it well into a dark eyeshadow, and then use the brush to rim both the top and bottom lash lines. The second is to apply your eyeliner as usual with a pencil or gel formula, and then take a brush and smudge it out from there. Either way, you’re creating a lovely lived-in effect that’ll work to your advantage.

Natural Matte Skin

When you think of the ’90s, you may think of big, bold looks, but going au naturel was an equally beloved option. To achieve the “no makeup” makeup of your dreams, use a matte foundation formula. Apply it lightly, using just a bit of concealer on trouble spots instead of covering them with foundation.

Balayage Hair

Even if you’ve never heard of balayage, you’ve probably seen it under the name “ombré.” Although many people refer to it that way, balayage has a gentler look than an ombré dye, and it requires careful hand-selecting by your stylist to achieve that softer feel. Not only is the style coming back, but it’s also a dye job that doesn’t require as much upkeep, and the carefree feeling will lend itself perfectly to your fall plans.

Two-toned Lips

In the ’90s, many people achieved the two-toned lip by using a lipstick and lip liner that were two different colors, which sometimes looked messy and confusing. The modern twist on it utilizes a more ombré effect, which is gentle and inviting. You can keep the lip liner in the mix by lining your lips before you apply your ombré colors. Use complementing shades of brown to keep your look natural, or try some deep berry colors for the perfect fall accompaniment.

Glitter Eyeshadow

Glitter is once again coming into fashion, and people are loving its return. Of course, the challenge here is to incorporate glitter without looking like a disco ball. One of the best ways to do that is to apply your eyeshadow as normal, and then add glitter just to the middle of your lid, blending it out to the rest. It adds a shimmer that’s not too much to handle.


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You might not have considered ’90s styles when you first looked into updating your look for fall, but these trends will help you develop a new and improved look that draws inspiration from its ’90s predecessors. Plus, the ’90s were a time to create all sorts of fashion options, which means that you can choose from a variety of natural and exciting looks from the time.

If you want some expert input when you start building your fall palette, or if you’re looking for a labor-intensive hairstyle such as balayage, look no further than the Ogle School salon. You’ll get top-tier results and experts who can help with anything.

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