Achieving Your Perfect Hairstyle

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factors of good hairstyle

Achieving Your Perfect Hairstyle

determining your ideal hairstyle
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Your haircut is a big part of who you are. Your haircut is one of the first things people might see when they meet you, and it can help you project an image of yourself that you really love to the people around you. That means you need to find the perfect style.

The perfect hairstyle is something that’s flattering and fits your personal style, which means that no one hairstyle is perfect for everyone. You can use a number of different factors to discover the perfect hairstyle for you.

Face Shape

There are many explanations of face shape, but the most common structure for understanding face shape uses six shapes: round, square, diamond, heart, oval, and rectangle. Here are a few hairstyle tips that can look great with each of these shapes.

  • Round faces: Short cuts with center parts and cuts that add volume to the crown of the head
  • Square faces: Cuts that end an inch or two below the jawline, to round out your face angles
  • Diamond faces: Styles that accentuate your face’s curves and de-emphasize its angles, like a chin-length bob
  • Heart-shaped faces: Bangs, especially very sweeping bangs that go all the way down to the chin
  • Oval faces: All styles, especially styles that have multiple sections and break up the face
  • Rectangle faces: Short or long styles that have layers, helping add a bit of width to the face

Hair Type

You might already know the name or number for your hair type, but it’s most important to consider your hair curliness and thickness when trying to find your perfect style.

When it comes to curliness, there are four classifications for hair: straight, wavy, curly, and coily or kinky hair. You can also categorize hair into different volumes, which indicates how much hair you have overall, and thickness, which is the size of the hair follicle itself. Different hair types, thicknesses, and volumes can work best with different hairstyles.

Straight hair, for example, can look amazing with simply a long bob. Tight curls can look amazing in an updo. Wavy hair can lend itself to a beachy look that’s still low-maintenance. Talk to your stylist to learn more about matching your hair type with your style.

Styling Time

Most hairstyles have at least a little bit of styling time required to make sure they look as great as possible. For some hairstyles, you may only need to take a minute or two every morning to style it, while some might take half an hour to get it ready.

To determine how much styling time you can take, think about your current hair regimen. Are you okay with spending some more time than you already do on your hair? If so, you can go for a more complex style. If not, go for something a bit simpler.

Your Own Style

Your style will play a huge part in what haircuts you choose. Do you tend to dress and do makeup in a more feminine manner? A long and flowing style might be perfect. Do you love comfy T-shirts and jeans? A shorter style or even a more abrupt option like a buzzcut might be right for you.

Hair color can also have to do with your style. Reserved individuals could stick to muted and neutral tones, like brown, black, and blonde. Anyone who likes to make a statement with their hair can opt for more neon shades.

What Style Should I Choose?

deciding on your perfect hairstyle
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Remember not to forget what you like. Even if a style technically doesn’t fit your face shape or hair type, if you really love a style, consider bringing a photo of it to your stylist. They may be able to modify it so you look incredible.

If you’re hoping to get a more complex style or a style that will need some expert changes, it’s important to use a great stylist. You should be using a great stylist if you want a great haircut. That expert opinion will help your style look amazing.

Anyone who’s looking to find the perfect cut and style should look no further than Ogle School Houston. Make an appointment to find your new hair option today.

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