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Want a perfect hairstyle for lazy-girl weekending? Whether you’re headed out to the cafe or to yoga class, this updated bun adds a modern twist to a classic look.


While a top knot can easily look lazy or messy, the braided detail secures the rest of your hair while giving it a stylized finish.

Instead of braiding the whole length of your hair, a small single braid wraps around a larger bun. Because of this, the Braided Top Knot will work for a much broader range of hair lengths.

With a style this easy to do, there’s no reason that you can’t look good, even when you’re running errands or doing chores like laundry. Learn how to get get this look by following along with our step by step tutorial.


Gather and Secure: Start by finger combing your hair to one side to get a nice sweep in the front. Then pull all of your hair into a high ponytail at the back of your head. Be sure to catch any stray hairs and smooth your hair as you go. If your hair is prone to flyaways, add some styling product during this step to be sure that you get a smooth look.

Divide and Braid: From the length of the ponytail, separate out one small section of hair to use for the braid that will wrap around your bun. Starting right next to the elastic, neatly braid this smaller section, and secure the end with a small elastic band.


Build The Bun: Take the larger section of hair and twist and curl the length around the elastic to form your bun. Hold it in place with a few bobby pins at the edges. Next shape and form the bun until you get an even and centered bun. If you have thick hair, add a few more bobby pins to secure your locks.


Wrap The Braid: Take the small braid, pull it tightly out from the elastic and smoothly wrap it around the base of the bun so that it covers the seam where the bun meets the smoothed back portion of your hair.

Add Pins: Secure the up-do with U-shaped pins. In a pinch, bobby pins will also work here, but U-shaped pins will do a better job of stabilizing both the braid and the bun.

Spray to set. Voila, that was easy!

This Ogle Hair Hack makes it so easy to look so good. It takes just a few minutes to create this braided top knot, and it looks so polished that no one will guess that you might not have washed your hair that day.

For three other easy hairstyles that make it possible to be lazy and look good, check out our Lazy Girl Hair Hacks. And for more hair styling tips or to learn how you can become a professional hairstylist in as little as 11 months, visit Ogle School of Cosmetology.

In the meantime, we won’t ever tell how easy it was to get this look.

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