5 Exciting Career Paths in the Cosmetology Industry

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5 Exciting Career Paths in the Cosmetology Industry

The cosmetology industry has all sorts of opportunities for people who are interested in joining it. Once you’ve graduated and are brand-new to the cosmetology industry, you should consider the type of job that’s the best fit for you.

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities and positions available, and if you know what each position is like, you can create a path to success for the specific position you’re most interested in. Here are five cosmetology positions that you might be interested in pursuing, along with the type of work involved, and who might love doing them.

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1. Cosmetologist

Great for creatives who love offering a little bit of everything

When you think of the “cosmetology industry,” one of the first positions that comes to mind is the Cosmetologist position. This is a very general position title because it can include just about everything, from hairstyling to hair coloring, makeup application, and nail treatment.

Many cosmetologists end up working as freelancers, but it’s also possible to work within a salon as a cosmetologist. If you love utilizing your creativity for many different applications, a cosmetologist job could be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re thinking about applying for a job as a cosmetologist, check out cosmetologist resume examples to build your own more effectively.

2. Hair Stylist

Great for hair lovers who enjoy talking to their clients

As you might expect, a hair stylist is someone who focuses mostly or exclusively on styling hair. This can include haircuts, general hair styling without cuts, shampoo and conditioner, and hair coloring. Plus, it’s well-known that hairstylists tend to also have long conversations with clients, acting as a friend and sort of a therapist.

Some may also use the term “hair stylist” to refer to people who work in specific hair specializations, such as a hair braider or a barber. There are many specialties available within the hair stylist position, so no matter what hair options you love, you can create a position for yourself.

If you’re trying to become a hair stylist, some hair stylist resume examples can help you develop a better resume.

3. Esthetician

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Great for anyone who’s interested in science and skin

In the world of cosmetology, it’s common to see two major areas of focus: esthetics and cosmetology. An esthetician is someone trained in esthetics, which generally focuses on the science of skincare, helping your clients maintain clearer skin. Many estheticians also train in makeup application and knowledge.

Esthetics covers a large range of options, potentially including makeup artists, dermatologist assistants, and spa workers, who may mix skincare products for their clients. It’s a great career path for anyone who loves working with science and skincare in general.

Are you planning to become an esthetician? Check out esthetician resume examples to learn how your resume should look.

4. Fashion Designer

Great for people who have a strong sense of beauty and design skills

Some cosmetologists work as fashion designers, creating new fashion options for their clients. Fashion designers may work with makeup, hair styling, and even clothing design, all helping to create the newest craze and developing looks that people will love to sport.

Although many fashion designers use specific fashion degrees to do their work, the hair and makeup components of a look are just as important. You may choose to do your own fashion design or partner your makeup skills with a designer who handles clothes and accessories.

A fashion designer needs a strong resume, and fashion designer resume examples can help you develop yours.

5. Salon Manager

Great for people who have strong managerial skills and love providing opportunities

Salon managers are a great option for anyone who has a strong preference for management. As the name indicates, salon managers own and manage their own salons. That means you’ll be responsible for recruiting cosmetologists and stylists who want to work within your salon.

Oftentimes, people transition into a salon manager role after being a hairstylist or cosmetologist for many years. However, you may also move straight from graduation to managing a salon. It’s all about whether you have interest in managing the area where clients come for pampering.

A salon manager needs to balance their managerial and fashion skills on their resume. Check out manager resume examples to see how other people are showcasing their managerial knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve graduated from cosmetology school, there are many paths available to go through the cosmetology world. In fact, many of your classmates are probably thinking about one of the jobs on this list, which means that you could run into your old friends from cosmetology or esthetics school as you pursue a job you’ll love.

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