Eyelid Sequin, Glitter & Rhinestone Makeup How To Tips

Makeup products alone are sometimes not enough to get the impact that you want. In this tutorial, we went full glam, using sparkly accessories to maximize the eyelids and lashes.

Here’s our step by step tutorial to creating this super-sparkly look. Note that all products used in this tutorial are cruelty free.

Step 1: Shade Upper Eyelid


Start with Lime Crime’s Venus XL Grunge Palette, using the shade called Flora which is a matte deep coral color. Use a fluffy eye blender brush to apply the eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyelid, extending in an arc shape towards the eyebrow.

Step 2: Add Color To Lower Lash


Now using the same Venus XL Grunge Palette, choose the shade called Passion which is a matte bright raspberry color. Use a fine-tipped pencil brush to apply the color to the lower lash line.

Step 3: It’s Time For The Glitter!


The eyelid glitter that we used was also from Line Crime. The line is called Diamond Dew, and we covered the entire eyelid with a pink iridescent shade called Paris.

Step 4: Add A Row Of Rhinestones


These self-adhesive rhinestones were purchased at an arts and crafts supply store. Using tweezers to get proper placement, add small pink rhinestones to the shaded pink area at the lower lash line.

Step 5: Create Highlights


Now it’s time to address the rest of your face. Using a Lime Crime highlighter product called Angels, apply the iridescent pink color to your cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow using a fan brush.

Step 6: Flecks of Glitter


Add to the overall sparkle by adding some glittery freckles. For adhesive, we used the glitter primer from NYX Cosmetics. Our small glitter dots were from Go Get Glitter’s Holographic Chunky Glitter pack. A cotton swab is helpful for applying the adhesive and for placing the freckle.

Step 7: Line Eyes In Black


Define your eyes by lining the upper lash line with Kat Von D’s Basket Case Anti-Precision black eyeliner.

Step 8: Add Fake Eyelashes


Use lash glue to apply Featherella’s STARLA lashes. We used the 3D Faux Mink variety, but you can choose the ones that work best for your eye shape.

Step 9: Color Your Lips


To bring the look together, we added a pop of color on the lips. Start with Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in the shade Cherub, which is a peachy rose pink. Now add depth and shine to your lips by topping with Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher in the color Strip.

This is a glamorous look for sure! Not only will the eyelid add-ons make sure that your eyes grab all of the attention, but the look’s overall shimmer and glitter additions brings it all together.


We’re wowed by the combination of sparkly eyeshadow, fake lashes, and rhinestone addons.


Let us know if you try this style, and if you’re interested doing makeup for your career, attending the Esthetics Program at Ogle School can start you on the path to becoming a professional makeup artist or other beauty career.

Photographer: Leire Baztarrica @leirebaztarrica
Make up artist: Aravecia (Tamara Moreno Garcia) @aravecia

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