Find Your Winter Hair Color! Quiz!

Thursday, January 19th, 2017
Jeff Chiarelli
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Find Your Winter Hair Color! Quiz!

Winter is in full swing, and no matter what it looks like outside your window, your hair should be changing! Find out which Winter hair color is perfect for you and your personality!

Choosing which style and hair color to flaunt for the winter season is a difficult task. You need to ask yourself a few questions before you make the decision. Some color choices fade quicker than others, while some won’t suit your winter style. For instance, if you’re eyeing up a red shade but you like low-maintenance hair, be aware that red shades tend to fade a little faster and require maintenance.

If you are into winter sports, getting highlights for the season isn’t always a smart idea. Lightening your hair can weaken it, leaving it extra prone to breakage. Cold temperatures and winter winds are known to be tough on skin, but it’s rough on hair too. Avid snowboarders, or snowmobile enthusiasts should steer clear of highlights until spring.

Knowing what colors are the right choice for the season is a great start, but you will still have to narrow down your options. Do you want fun, jazzy hair to go with your sparkling attire, or are you a cuddle up in the biggest sweater possible and read until spring kind of person?

Picking the color to suit your winter style is easier than you think. Whether you prefer the trendiest do, or a easy-to-maintain mane, there is a winter style perfect for you. From dark shades of chocolaty brown to rich auburn, and even golden highlights, winter is an exciting season with bold, beautiful style choices.

If you’re feeling a little daunted by your options, have no fear. This quiz will help you decide what color is the right fit for you this winter. The only decision you will have to make is whether to change your cut, too. Time to book your next salon trip, change up (or freshen up) your color, and chase the winter blues far, far away.

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