Wonderful Winter Hair Tips

Winter can be harsh on hair. The temperature drops, the cold wind whips up, and the air is either too wet or too dry. Usually, the result is scarecrow-esque hair; or hair that is so uncontrollably fly-away and static. It feels like it is trying to escape your head! Unless you have your own personal hairstylist to give you a blow dry everyday, the colder months can cause endless amounts of hair frustration. Instead, follow these simple winter hair tips and you will have luscious locks right into spring.


A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hair tends to be more dry in the winter due to the air lacking humidity indoors with central heating systems working in overdrive. Having a humidifier at home will counteract the dry air, and stop hair and skin from feeling so dry. Additionally, to keep the hair super moisturised, treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment.

Apply a conditioning hair mask or nourishing oil, like argan oil, and leave for an hour, or overnight, depending on the dryness of your hair. Rinse out thoroughly and be sure to use a heat defence spray before styling. If you have hair that is very thin or tends to be a little flat, you can use a small amount of shampoo after conditioning to ensure all the conditioner residue is washed out. This neat trick will stop hair from appearing lank, by removing the weight of product at the roots.


Ease Up On The Washing

You should try to refrain from washing your hair everyday during the colder months. Instead aim to wash just 2-3 times a week, including the deep conditioning treatment. Washing hair less often will prevent it from drying out too much, just make sure you dry your hair thoroughly before you leave the house. Damp hair mixed with cold air, makes for fragile and brittle strands. That’s right, split ends… and lots of them! Another little winter hair tip, is to avoid using a clarifying shampoo. They strip hair and the scalp of their natural oils, which is much needed moisture during the colder months.

When you’ve had a hard day and it’s been cold, it can be hard to resist the call of a hot shower to wash the day right out of your hair. However, for the sake of frizz-free locks, invest in a good quality dry shampoo, and turn to the healing powers of chocolate instead.


Finally…Wear A Hat

Wearing a hat. It may seem simple, but it really is great advice for healthy winter hair. A hat or hood will protect the hair from the elements like cold winds, snow and rain, helping to prevent damage. Don’t wear a hat that is too tight that it will rub against the hair causing breakages, plus with a looser fitting hat you will be able to tuck longer hair into it.

But, what about the dreaded hat hair? You ask. Well, it can be avoided for the most part by wrapping hair in a silk scarf before popping your hat on, or pulling your hood up. The scarf will also stop too much friction between the hat and hair, preventing the hair from becoming too static. Also, you can stop your hat from flattening the hair like a steamroller, by adding a volumising or texturising spray. This type of spray will add bounce to the roots, especially if you can be bothered to dry your hair upside down.

Beautiful Winter Hair Awaits

So there you have it, all the essential hair tips you need to have healthy locks throughout the cold winter month. It’s all about retaining that moisture, moisture, moisture. Your hair will be on point!

Don’t just care for your hair, care for your lips this winter, too!

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Jeff Chiarelli
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