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Glamorous NYE Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That means holiday parties are here, and your makeup has to be stunning to match the occasion. A glamorous, glittery cut crease eye makeup look will turn heads when you walk into any room. Want the look? I’m spilling all of the steps you need to follow!


Step 1: Apply a Concealer Base

Use a medium brown eyeshadow on the outer crease with a large tapered blending brush and softly blend out. With a smaller and more dense tapered brush, apply a deeper brown eyeshadow in the crease. Leave the center of the eyelid clean because you will be applying a cream concealer base. Any lighter shade will work perfectly to highly contrast with the brown eyeshadow. For the most precise application, use a silicone applicator.


Step 2: Gleam with Gold Glitter

Next, use a glitter glue only in the areas of the eyelid where concealer has been applied. Choose a loose glitter of your choice and also apply with a silicone applicator. We recommend a gold glitter for the holidays, but you can achieve this look with any color glitter during the year.


Step 3: Bold Winged Liner

To make your holiday look more vintage and bold, use a black eyeliner cream to achieve a winged eyeliner. We recommend using a slanted silicone applicator to achieve perfect angles. Make the wing of your liner as thick or thin as you prefer. Thick is our style! Complete the eye makeup look by filling in the eyebrows.


Step 4: Flawless Foundation

For an airbrushed complexion, prep the skin with face primer and conceal any blemishes with your favorite concealer. Next, apply foundation with a damp blending sponge. Set the concealer and foundation with a setting spray or powder — Ben Nye’s translucent powder is an excellent option. Add soft touches of highlighter in the areas of your face where the light hits for a glow. This is typically along the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, chin, and center of the forehead.


Step 5: Dramatic, Voluminous False Lashes

False eyelashes are so much fun to play with for parties and events! Dramatic, voluminous falsies are gorgeous, but your lashes should be a reflection of your personality. There are plenty to choose from at your local beauty supply, so you’re bound to fall in love with a pair or two.


Beauty Tip: After applying the lash glue to the strip, let it sit for a few seconds so they do not slide as much. If you are having trouble applying strip false lashes, use tweezers to guide you. Also, hold a mirror below you and look down while placing them so your natural lashes do not get in the way.

Step 6: Rock a Holiday Red Lip

No holiday look is complete without a bright red lip, right? Before applying any lipstick, make sure you use a lip primer. This will help protect your lips and keep your color from bleeding. It is also important if you are using a liquid lipstick which tend to be extremely drying. We decided to go with a creamy matte lip, but you can choose any finish whether it’s glossy, shimmery, or creamy. This is the most vibrant part of the look, so let your personality shine through!


Voila! You are ready to head to your next holiday party. This glittery crease cut look is perfect for formal and informal Christmas parties, winter hangouts, and (of course) New Year’s Eve celebrations. View the full video tutorial on YouTube below.

Now that you have all of the steps down, find out how to achieve the perfect red lip!

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