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Hair Hacks Everyone Should Know

We all love a good pamper session at our favorite salon. It definitely feels good to treat yourself to a nice deep conditioning treatment, a wash and blow dry, or some styling for a special occasion or night out. You walk out of the salon feeling like a million dollars, with your hair looking so healthy and glossy.

If money were no object you would probably visit the salon everyday, and have stunningly beautiful hair, with no effort on your part. But, sadly for most of us, money isn’t falling out of the sky, or growing on trees, and no one is paying our ‘Bills, Bills, Bills.’ So, we have to find other low cost, low effort solutions to help our hair have that salon shine and style. Get ready for some simple and genius hair hacks.

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The Miracle of Beer
Beer is not only a miracle drink that makes people become more attractive, it also makes your hair look better, without having to drink it. It may seem strange, but washing your hair in beer, is a great way to increase shine. Simply pour flat beer over wet hair from the roots, leave for five minutes and rinse with cold water. To stop hair from smelling too much like beer (unless you like that of course) follow up with a nice smelling, but light conditioner. The result is super shiny and soft hair that really does look great.

The Power of Cornflower
Speaking of miracles, how great is dry shampoo? Sometimes washing your hair can just feel like too much effort, especially if you consider the extra time you can have if you don’t do it. You’ll just use the dry shampoo and in a few minutes you will be good to go. But, oh no the horror! You’ve run out of dry shampoo, your roots are a greasy nightmare and there is no way you have time to wash it now. Fear not, cornflower can be used as a quick substitute for dry shampoo, Sprinkle a little into dry roots, shake out excess and massage into the greasy areas. Leave for one minute and give the hair a good comb through. Your hair should be rescued for one more day. Phew!


Lazy Heat Free Curls
If you don’t have naturally curly hair, it can be a real struggle to get some waves and body into your locks. For really successful curls, you do need to make some effort, and quite a lot of time. You need to pin the curls and let them cool down to set, for them to really last without them dropping out. Plus all that heat is not good for your hair. Well, for fuss free and heat free curls all you need is an elastic hairband. Place the headband over your hair, and in sections, lift the hair up over the band wind it round to the tightness of curl you want. Once you have gone all around the head, the headband should only be visible across the forehead. Go to bed with you elastic band on, and when you wake up, release your hair to reveal beautiful curls…it’s genius.

Pump the Ponytail
The ponytail is a popular go-to hairstyle, I mean hair can get extremely annoying if it is flapping around your face all day, especially if it is windy outside. But, the ponytail can look pretty flat and lifeless, particularly if you have thin hair. There are a few ways to pump up the ponytail and add some pep. You can double up on hair ties which will make the ponytail sit higher; or you can prop up your ponytail, with a few bobby pins (sometimes known as kirby grips) underneath the ponytail slid up into the base. You won’t see the pins, but your pony will be super perky!

Bobby Pin Staying Power
Since we mentioned bobby pins. If you have problems with your bobby pins staying in place and tight all day, spray them with hairspray. Let them dry a little until they are tacky and then slide them into place. The hairspray will fully dry and adhere to the hair around the bobby pin, giving them some extra staying power. Now that you know how make your bobby stay in place all day, you can get creative with them. Use them to create details in the hair instead of using them to hold hair back. How about colorful bobby pins in a chevron pattern, or a triangle perhaps?

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And remember, if all else fails — rock a Messy Bun! It’s quick, easy, hides a multitude of hair sins, and always looks chic and effortless. While the weather remains cold for many of us, why not check out our Winter Hair Tips.

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