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2014 Hairstyle Trends for Men : Are You Ready for a New Look?

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For those of us that suffered through the ‘bed-head’ era of men’s hairstyles, the current landscape of hairstyle trends for men is like a grand revolution: men are putting more care and thought into their hair than ever before. Male-specific grooming products are one of the fastest growing cosmetic markets and scarcely a week goes by without a new barbershop opening up in metropolitan areas. It’s a golden age for men’s hair.

In this article we’ll look at some of the major trends in men’s hair for 2014, as well as what kind of style works best for certain people.

2014 Men’s Hairstyles

Men’s hair trends right now is a world of opposites. Two of the most popular styles couldn’t be more different; the pompadour and the infamous man-bun. Let’s break these down.

mens hairstyle pompadour

The Pompadour: Though a popular men’s style that’s seeing it’s first major resurgence since World War I, the pompadour actually traces its origins back to the 18th Century mistress of King Louis XV: Madamede Pompadour. The basic element that characterizes the style is the hair being swept up and back from the forehead, creating a raised wave of hair.

This style’s resurgence can largely be attributed to the popularity of throwback barbershops, which specialize in these ‘vintage’ styles. Though in it’s day it was most closely associated with ‘greaser’ and ‘rockabilly’ cultures, the style has seen a shift towards a less theatrically-high pomp in favor of a more subtle wave. Simple, stylish and easy to maintain with a bit of product like Layrite of Suavecito, this style is a classic for good reason.

man bun hairstyle

The Man-Bun: This is a style that takes commitment above all else, since you’re going to need more than a few inches of extra cheveux to pull into a knot to get this signature look. Though it’s origins are somewhat uncertain, this look has become the in vogue style for celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto and Bradley Cooper.

If you have long hair already, this ‘style’ is about as easy to pull off as anything, since it requires no trips to the salon or hair product. Perhaps the only requirement is skipping a few showers for that authentically lived-in look. The hairstyle has become so popular that there are even youtube video’s dedicated to cultivating the style.

shaggy caesar mens hairstyle

The Shaggy Caesar: Most 20-something guys will be all too familiar with the Caesar hairstyle: a combination between a crew cut and a spiky, product-heavy style. This style fell to the wayside when the bleaching of bangs and spiking them upwards to crusty extremes made it too comical for anyone older than 13 to pull off. Still, the style has solid foundations, which is why we’re seeing a resurgence of a more relaxed, mature version of this cut.

Unlike the Caesar of the past, this iteration features little to no product and minimal ‘spiking’ of the bangs. In fact, the hair is largely left untouched, with the longer bangs simple swept to the side. It’s a great look for those that want a low-maintenance option and a clean, simple look.

Choosing your Hairstyle

choosing men's hairstyle

When considering a new hairstyle, it’s important to understand what look will best compliment your face shape: after all, we can’t all look as good as Jared Leto does with 3ft of flaxen hair blowing in the wind.

The easiest way to get a sense of what shape your face is to simply snap a straight-on pick of yourself with your phone. Don’t smile in the picture, since that distorts the natural resting position of your facial muscles. Typically, you can assess your face shape using the following guidelines:

  • Is your face as wide as it is long? You’re a square or a circle.
    • Longer, angular hairstyles look best with round facial shapes, giving them more edge and structure and framing the face.
  • Is your face longer than it is wide? You’re an oval.
    • Oval facial shapes benefit from shorter cuts, though generally speaking they work well with almost any style.
  • Is your chin angular and squared off? Most people with square-shaped faces have angular chins.
    • This facial shape lends itself well to long styles, like the man-bun discussed above. Short styles work well too, but beware not to add too much height with product as it will over-extend the appearance of your face.
  • Does your chin come to a point? Your face is triangular.
    • Hairstyles with a little bulk work well with triangular face shapes, the shaggy Caesar is a perfect example of this.

Ultimately, the right haircut is the one you can pull of with confidence, so take these guidelines with a grain of salt and experiment to your heart’s content: it will always grow back.

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