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Heatless Curling Styles to Survive the Summer Heat

It’s the middle of summer and the heat in Texas is sweltering. If your clients have natural curls, they’re probably trying to avoid heat damage at all costs — even from the blazing heat rays from the sun. So how do you style natural hair to achieve different curl and wave textures without heat? I’m showing you three super simple techniques you can try this season to enhance textured hair.

Two-Strand Twist-Out


This style is my favorite, and it’s the quickest. After washing my hair, I create several medium sections of hair. Use your favorite styler with light to medium hold and distribute it from root to tip; butters and puddings work perfectly with this style. Separate each section into two strands and begin twisting all the way to the ends of the hair.


Leave the twists in overnight or until completely dry, then unravel. Apply oil to your fingertips before taking the twists down to prevent extra frizz.


The results: Fluffy, voluminous hair that will stay true to the pattern of the original curls.

The Braid-Out


If you want to achieve a wavy texture, a braid-out will give you the perfect results! Section the hair in medium sections similar to the twist-out technique, then distribute product from the roots to the ends. Hair butters and puddings also work well for this style, so you can use the same products from your twist-outs for your braid-outs! One product can work for multiple styles. Be sure to braid all the way to the ends of the hair — avoid leaving any hair unbraided.


Leave the braids in overnight or until completely dry, then unravel. Use the tooth of a comb to help unravel the ends of the braids quickly. Fluff and separate sections for volume as desired.


The results: Elongated hair with a wavy texture rather than curly, great for stretching the hair for up-dos.

Perm Rod Set


This style is the most time-consuming, but the results are beautiful ringlet curls. You will definitely feel like Shirley Temple’s twin afterwards, but the defined curls can be separated and fluffed. Rather than medium sections for this style, section the hair into small sections. If they’re too large, it will take a longer amount of time for the hair to fully dry. A premature style that is still wet is likely to result in frizz!


Roll each section on a perm rod with a medium to heavy hold styler and secure them by latching the elastic band. Sit under a dryer for quicker drying or sleep in the perm rods overnight. I highly recommend sleeping in a satin cap to prevent frizz and keep the perm rods from falling out while you sleep.

In the morning, carefully remove the perm rods. Separate and fluff the curls for a full, curly fro. Create additional volume by using an afro pick at the roots of the hair.


The results: Super defined and luscious ringlet curls. Tighter coils will create bigger curls.


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