How Long Does It Take to Go Through Cosmetology School?

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How long beauty school takes

How Long Does It Take to Go Through Cosmetology School?

Average time for cosmetology school
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When it comes to cosmetology school, there are a number of questions you’re probably going to have early on. You might wonder what cosmetology school really teaches you, what the prerequisites are, and even whether you need cosmetology school in the first place. However, one question that’s probably on your mind is how long cosmetology school will take you to complete. Here are a few things that will impact the length of your cosmetology school.

Full Time or Part Time

First off, are you planning to attend cosmetology school full time or part time? Obviously, attending cosmetology school full time will allow you to complete school more quickly. However, some students may not have the funds to attend cosmetology school full time, which means that part-time cosmetology school may be their only option.

On average, part-time cosmetology school will take not quite twice as long as full-time cosmetology school. However, some part-time schedules may allow you to move faster than others, so it’s always a good idea to look at the unique part-time and full-time cosmetology schedules your preferred school offers.

The State in Which You Live

Different states have different hour requirements for a cosmetology license. Essentially, this means that in one state, you may have as much as twice the time requirements as in another state. Every state sets its own cosmetology license requirements and if you’re outside of Texas, you should look for the license requirements for your state specifically.

Every cosmetology school in your state should know the cosmetology license hourly requirements. Typically, this includes a requirement for the overall license program as well as certain requirements for in-person training and other needs. That’s why it’s so crucial to know which state you hope to practice after you graduate.

The Cosmetology School You Choose

Every cosmetology school is different, of course, and it’s important to take a look at the individual cosmetology school you’re interested in if you want to know more about how long it might take you. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to understand how long your cosmetology training will most likely take you.

Ogle School offers two options for the cosmetology program: part time and full time. You can complete the part-time program in as little as 13 months or the full-time program in as little as 7 months. That means just a bit over half a year to go all the way through a cosmetology program if you dedicate yourself to it.

Any Additional Accommodations or Unforeseen Circumstances

It’s also a good idea to think about any additional accommodations you might end up needing. For example, if you have a serious accident part of the way through cosmetology school, you’re probably going to want to take some time off from school, which will lengthen the amount of time you take through school.

However, this one is much more difficult to predict. If you think you’re going to need additional accommodations, talk to a team member at the school you’re planning to attend, as you’re more likely to get a genuine estimate of how long it’ll take with those accommodations.


How long beauty school takes
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No one can answer how long cosmetology school will take except the school you’re planning to go through. Every school is unique, and it’s extremely important that you know that when you first go through. Whether you’ve already settled on Ogle School or you’re still looking, you can request more information so you can know more about your cosmetology program future.

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