How to Achieve Easy Blow-Dry Styles

Getting the right blow-dry style doesn’t have to take ages, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with the right techniques, you can easily get great looking hair. Try these blow-dry styles for yourself.

Easy Blow Dry styles
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Blow-Dry Style: Straight and Sleek

Prepare damp hair: Starts with hair that’s the right dampness. If you’ve just washed your hair, towel dry hair and blow-dry on medium heat until 50-80% dry. If your hair is already dry, run wet hands over your hair a few times to get a light but even dampness.

Blow-dry lower layers: Separate hair that’s on the top of your head, and then secure it out of the way. Use a round brush and a hot blow-dry setting to dry sections of your hair’s lower layers.

Tips for getting shine: Use tension to help your hair become straight and shiny. With each hair section firmly wrapped around the brush, pull it tightly through your hair, following closely with the dryer. Keep the dryer’s nozzle pointed downward to smooth as you brush.

Blow-dry top layers: Clip the lower lengths back in a low ponytail, and unclip the top section of hair, again working in small sections with a round brush. Aim your blow dryer at your roots to add volume, and then work your way down the hair length to straighten as you dry.

Shaping: Remove all clips. Create your hair part, and use the same method to shape the hair next to create a frame around your face. Address your hair ends by curling them under or brushing them straight. The best way to set your shape is rapidly cool hot hair with a cold air blast.

Finishing: Even the straightest hair can benefit from using styling product to tame any flyaways and preserve your shine. We recommend a serum or smoothing agent to tame frizz; to preserve volume, add a light mist of hairspray at your roots.

round brush blow dry technique
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Blow-Dry Style: Full-bodied Curls

Volumizing: Begin by prepping hair with a volumizing product, which will help your hair hold the curls.

Initial blow-dry: As explained in the Straight and Sleek tutorial above, dry hair in sections. Keep hair that you’re not working on secured and out of your way. Use your round brush with a hot blow dryer to start building the volume and curl. Instead of pulling your hair straight, pull it up and out. By establishing the hair shape at this stage, you’re using your hair’s muscle memory to help your style last.

Adding curl in sections: After drying a section of your hair, while it’s still warm, wrap hair in pin curls or use a curling iron. For loose, beachy waves, hold the curling iron vertically; for tighter curls, hold the curling iron horizontally. Be sure to alternate curl direction, which will add volume and make the curls seem more natural.

Finishing: Separate your curls by placing your hands underneath your hair, behind your ears, and then shaking your hair so that it separates naturally. Set with a flexible-hold hairspray.

Blow-Dry Style: Professional Blowout

professional blow dry Ogle Salon
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Sometimes, a DIY blow-dry doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re struggling to reach the hair on the back of your head or you want to give your usual look a professional boost, getting a blowout at a salon can up your style.

At the Ogle School beauty salon, a Basic Blow-Dry Style costs just $10. A Specialty Style costs $23, and an Updo costs $27. Our services are so much more affordable than other salons because our hair treatments are performed by supervised students in a professional salon setting.

The high rates of other salon blowouts may prompt you to DIY your hairstyle at home, but with affordable professional blowouts at Ogle School, you can access salon services anytime.

Learn more about the affordable beauty services at Ogle School Salon, and make your appointment for a Professional Blowout today.

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