Best Blowout Salons in Dallas

A salon blowout can help you look your best! You’ll leave with hair that’s glossy, smooth, and styled perfectly.

Best Blowout Salon Dallas

After pampering yourself with a great hairstyle, you might feel like a million bucks when you walk out the door.

“It’s cheaper by far than psychoanalysis, and much more uplifting,” said Nora Ephron who wrote about her twice-weekly schedule of blowouts.

Why Choose a Professional Blowout

A DIY hairstyle isn’t always enough; sometimes, you need some professional help to tame your hair. The truth is that stylists can make your hair look significantly better than your best attempts.

If you need further incentive (ahem, rationalization), you might think of it this way. After a salon blowout, you’ll probably be more relaxed, and your well-styled hair will make you look more polished. This boost can prompt you to act more confident, helping you to be more successful and engaging throughout your day.

Best blowout salon in Dallas

Alison Brod, the CEO of a NYC-based PR firm, put the need for regular hair styling in context: “Years ago, you didn’t need to worry if your hair is in a ponytail and you’re meeting your best friends for dinner. Now, your ex-boyfriend from high school is going to see it on Facebook. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but it is the idea of having to be physically self-aware 24/7.”

Best Blow Dry Salons in Dallas

Want to know the best places in Dallas to get your hair blow dried and styled? We’ve done the research to share the top 5 places you should try.

Most Affordable: Ogle School

The Ogle School salon is an affordable way you can regularly get a professional blowout to help you look your best. With prices this low, you can achieve salon style whenever you choose. All services are performed by supervised students in a professional salon setting.

One reviewer who recently went to the North Dallas location for a blowout commented: “I frequent here when I don’t feel like doing my own hair! Did a great job yesterday and couldn’t walk out the door without receiving compliments on my hair!”



  • Blow dry (includes wash): $10
  • Specialty style (includes wash): $23
  • Updo: $27


Style + Bubbly: Dear Clark Hair Studio

Uptown Dallas salon, Dear Clark, has a blow dry lounge where you can have a glass of champagne alongside your blowout. With recognition from the Dallas Observer and high-rated reviews, Dear Clark is a good choice the next time you want to pamper yourself.



  • Blow dry (includes wash): $40-$60
  • Ethnic hair blowout: $65-$125
  • Updo/specialty: $60-$100+

Location: 3317 McKinney Ave #101, Dallas, TX

Style + Scalp Massage: Pouf

Blowouts at Pouf include a free scalp massage to help you feel relaxed and pampered.

Pouf won Best Blowout back in 2014, and the reviewer said, “The dedicated stylists there scrub your scalp, massage your head and neck, then give you a choice of several styles before they turn on the hair dryer and work their magic. The results: shiny, smooth, and perfect hair that lasts for days with just a squirt or two of dry shampoo along the way.”



  • Blowout (includes wash): $40
  • Bun: $50
  • Updo: $70+

Location: 5319 E. Mockingbird Ln. Suite 125, Dallas, TX

Runner-Up: Johnny Rodriguez the Salon

The blow dry bar at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon offers a menu of three different blowout styles plus an updo blowout option. The focus is on getting you that “picture-perfect” look.

Johnny Rodriguez and his team will even help you better achieve salon styles at home. A blow-dry class ($100-$130) will teach you how to better use your tools and products including how to angle your blow dryer and how to work a round brush.



  • Blowout: $40-$70
    • Modern (Sleek and straight)
    • Texas (Smooth with volume)
    • Socialite (Soft, loose curls)
  • Updo: $65-$95

Location: 5403 W. Lovers Ln. Dallas, TX

Runner-Up: Drybar

The nationwide chain, Drybar, is hyper-focused. Unlike in a traditional salon, you can’t get a cut, color, or other hair services at Drybar. However, with a tailored menu of hairstyles to consider, you can browse the lookbook to get just the style you want.

Frequent travelers can take advantage of the business’ many locations, accessing the same set of services in different cities.



  • Blowouts (Includes wash): $45
  • Updo: $90


  • Dallas Highland Park: Shops of Highland Park 4222 Oak Lawn Ave.
  • Dallas NorthPark: NorthPark Mall 8687 N. Central Expy. Suite F2-940
  • Dallas Uptown: 2020 Cedar Springs Rd. #185

Want access to other affordable salon services in Dallas? Check out the Ogle School salon service guide for more info.

Note: All prices valid as of August 2018

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