The Most Iconic Hairstyles of the Last 100 Years

The last 100 years of human history have been pretty special. Man has walked on the moon; Martin Luther King pioneered the civil right movement; and anyone can share what hipster avocado dish they had for breakfast with the world, thanks to social media.

Fashion and beauty has also come a long way in the past 100 years, particularly when it comes to hairstyles – remember when the dip-dye emerged? That was a complete breakthrough. But, there have been some hairstyles that are evergreen – they were so revolutionary that they became legendary hairstyles.

So, take a break from trying to capture that perfect angle of your avocado on toast, and enjoy the ultimate hair-inspiration with the most iconic hairstyles of the 100 years.

Mia Farrow’s Pixie Cut

The pixie cut that Mia Farrow showed off in the film ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ is not just one of the most iconic hairstyles of the last 100 years, it is probably the most iconic hairstyle of all time. She gave the pixie crop to the world and made it chic and stylish for women. So for that MIa Farrow has a firm place in hair history.


This gorgeous style worked perfectly with her beautifully elfin features, it is the perfect haircut for her face, so the late, great Vidal Sassoon did a great job, right? Well…actually, contrary to what is widely believed, Vidal Sassoon was not the one responsible for the iconic style. Mia actually cut her own hair short and kept it that way because her beau at the time, Frank Sinatra, liked it. The photo shoot with Vidal Sassoon on set of Rosemary’s Baby, was staged, and he simply gave the actress a trim.

Feeling inspired for a pixie cut? You could ask for a ‘Mia Farrow’ tomorrow and still be on trend. Chic and sophisticated, plus easy to style and maintain.

Nancy Kwan’s Asymmetric Bob

Vidal Sassoon may not have been responsible for Mia Farrow’s iconic haircut, but he was still a revolutionary stylist, creating cuts and shapes that were not only new, but stunning too. Take the incredible asymmetric bob he gave to the beautiful actress Nancy Kwan in the 1960’s. Volume in the crown, side parting and longer in the front, perfectly tapered to a shorter length at the nape of the neck. It was incredible and a revelation to the hair industry.


The asymmetric bob is still a super popular hairstyle and it isn’t hard to see why. It may be 50 years old, but it still looks youthful, fresh and contemporary, as well as suiting to most face shapes.

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’

If you were a girl of the nineties, you probably went to the hairdressers and asked for ‘The Rachel’, as made famous by Jennifer Aniston and her characters in ‘Friends’. The bouncy and layered shoulder length style, was something that had never really been seen before. It framed the actress’ face, with layers that rested right on her gorgeous jawline, and bangs that highlighted her eyes.

Believe it or not, Jennifer wasn’t immediately sold on the now iconic hairstyle. Her hairdresser and long time friend Chris McMillan had to convince the actress to try something different. How glad we are that he did, because it was a glorious style that became legendary.

The layered long bob is still a great and versatile hairstyle. Talk to your hairstylist about the length and placement of the layers that will best suit the shape of your face.

Farah Fawcett’s Long Curls

Farah Fawcett shot to fame when a poster was released with the stunning model posing in a red swimsuit with big bouncy curls. There wasn’t a teenage boy on the planet in the 1970’s that didn’t have that poster on his wall, and there wasn’t a teenage girl that wanted those long, blonde curls. The beachy style was fun, effortless and helped the poster to sell 20 million copies, making it the best selling poster in history. How is that for an iconic hairstyle?


Farah apparently styled those curls herself for the photoshoot, and helped along her blonde highlights with the help of some lemon juice. However, I’m sure your hairdresser will be able to help you get your own iconic curls.

These stunning woman taught us what it means to be a trend setter. Honing the skills to recreate one of their incredible looks, or even starting your own hair trend is possible with helpful tutorials and tips found online at Ogle School.

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