Easy Bridesmaid Hairstyles for the Lazy (or Busy)

Can you get a perfect bridesmaid’s hairstyle in two minutes or less? We think you can, and so we’ve compiled these eight easy hairstyles for lazy bridesmaids. From an easy up-do to something more sleek and polished, here are some styles that will make sure your hair looks great — and that you don’t waste your time styling your hair when you should be having fun.

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Pixie Sparkle

If you have short hair, this easy pixie style will give you a great look without a lot of fuss. Start by adding some styling product to give your cut style and texture. Then accessorize with a sparkly headband. Wow, that was easy!

Twisted Bun

If you want ballerina style, this twisted low bun will give you an elegant and classic look. For this style, prep your hair with product to keep flyaways under control. Then separate your hair into two sections and tie in a knot (just like tying your shoes). Take the section of hair that is closer to your neck and use bobby pins to begin securing it as you wrap the section in a clockwise direction. Then twist and wrap the second section around the first. Spray to set, and voila!

Bohemian Braid

If you want a natural look, this waterfall braid will make your hair look stunning, and no one will guess how easy it was to do. As a bonus, this style works best if you haven’t washed your hair in a day (laziness points!). Start by brushing your hair and parting it on the side. Gather a section from the top and French braid for 2 to 3 inches. Next, you’re going to drop the top section of the braid into a waterfall and then continue the braid with a newly gathered piece of hair. Continue this method of French braiding by letting one piece fall and gathering new hair. When you get to the other side of your head, secure with a bobby pin and you’re done! After you get the hang of this braid, you might not want to wear your hair any other way.

Sleek and Polished

If you want to keep it simple and chic, this no-fuss style is just what you need. Start by adding a smoothing styling cream to your hair to make sure you’ll have a silky shine. Apply starting at midlength, and avoid weighing down the roots so your style doesn’t fall flat. Then blow-dry using a medium-sized round brush. Smooth with a flat iron, and use a dry oil finishing spray for a high sheen. Straight hair, don’t care!

Curls and Flowers

If you have long hair, the look of loose curls and a flower crown is romantic and simple. To begin, take a section of hair at the crown of your head and tease to give texture. Then smooth the top and gather the sides together. Twist and twirl the gathered section, then use bobby pins to pin the half bun. Add some easy tousled curls to the length with a curling iron. Complete the look with a crown of tiny, delicate flowers.

Easy Up-Do

If you want your hair up without any hassle, it’s easy to do with this modified Gibson style. It’s deceptively simple. Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Then slightly loosen the ponytail and use your fingers to create a space just above the rubber band. Twist up the length of your hair and tuck it into the space you created above the rubber band. Then keep rolling and tucking until the rubber band is hidden. Use pins to secure. This one is so easy!

Vintage Side Swept

For an old-Hollywood look of wavy locks, start by adding volumizer to your hair immediately after washing, when your hair is still wet. Then use a barrel brush to blow-dry. Using a curling iron, add curls in alternating sections — clockwise and counterclockwise. Gently rake the curls with your fingers to combine. To complete the look, firmly brush over the crown to shape, then spray to set. To accentuate that old-Hollywood feel, try adding a vintage hairclip at the base of your neck, securing the side-swept look.

Romantic Twist

If you want an easy half-up, half-down, this twisted look will only take minutes to style. Start with a three-quarters part. Then gather a section towards the back of your crown and lightly tease the underside to add volume to your crown while keeping the top of your hair looking smooth. Then twist to gather the two sections framing your face. Secure with bobby pins or a decorative comb. Done!

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