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Makeup That Pops for Back to School

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A new school year is just around the corner, and everyone’s top priority is standing out on the first day. With uniforms and dress codes becoming more popular, it can be very difficult to express your own style anymore!

One of the best ways to make your look “pop” is through makeup. There are three areas where you can easily brighten and add color without looking outrageous no matter if you’re a novice or beauty guru.

Remember: The goal is to slightly stand out — not be the cause of a new dress code rule. The trick is to be bold yet subtle.


Cheeks | Intense Blush

You stayed up super late working on that project the night before, which means you’re totally running late in the morning! A creme blush that you can build and intensify is perfect for those hectic days when you may not have a lot of time to spend on makeup. Go with a neutral eye and balm or gloss on the lips, then go to town on blush! Start very lightly and build, if necessary.

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Using NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in ‘Panic’ with light to medium intensity // Apply dry for a glow or wet for intense color


Lips | Bold Lipstick

Outspoken? Running for class president this year? Go with a super bold lip to match your outgoing personality. The color and texture is up to you, but you’re sure to rock it while you’re socializing during passing periods!

During the week, try colors like true red, hot pink or orchid purple. The more vivid, the better.

Spirit days are usually game days, so everyone will be wearing their team uniforms and school shirts! Purchase a lipstick in one of your school’s colors and sport it proudly. Not only will it complement your dress code, but you’ll be able to easily show your school spirit in your very own way!

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Wearing ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in ‘Panda’

You don’t need to go overboard with the eye makeup for this look. Neutrals work perfectly. Plus, you don’t want to take away from your gorgeous lip color. You just might become known as “the girl/guy with the (color of your choice) lipstick!”


Eyes | Colorful Liner

If you’re in drama club or band, the pop of liner is definitely for you! I always loved to let my eyes do the talking and express my mood each day. Add a bold, colorful eyeliner to your everyday, neutral eyes. There are two great options for this:

1. Use a liquid liner to create a colorful wing/cat eye on top.
2. Use a bold eyeshadow wet with a pencil brush on the lower lash line.

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Using the Kat Von D Metal Crush in ‘Iggy’ // Apply wet with firm pencil brush

When placing color around the eyes, it is important to understand your eye shape and what will look best for your eyes. Perhaps a pop of color would look better on the outer corner of your top lid or on the inner corner. Try different combinations and practice one week before school starts so you’re not late for your first day!

Begin your look with a neutral eye before playing with color!



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