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Vintage Cleopatra movie eyeliner look
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Movies make an impact on society as a whole. Whether it’s the questions that 2001: A Space Odyssey raised about existentialism or the now-cliché tropes that Star Wars employed for the very first time, movies change the way people think about different things. You may not have ever thought about it before, but movies have absolutely impacted fashion trends over the years. Take a peek into some of the most iconic movie looks of all time and consider how you might be able to incorporate them into your next date night look.

Cleopatra (Cleopatra): Strong, Bold and Outspoken

Cleopatra achieved its notoriety by becoming the most expensive film up to that point in time, costing $260 million to produce when adjusted for inflation. However, despite the mixed critical reaction, no one can deny that Elizabeth Taylor’s costumes send this movie over the top. Go for the gold with extremely strong, bold eyeliner that fully surrounds your eye and extends out for an Egyptian flair. Keep up the high energy by adding a pop of color with bright eyeshadow.

Princess Leia (Star Wars): Standout Youthful Beauty

Many people focus on Leia’s slave getup when talking about her iconic beauty moments, but Carrie Fisher herself constantly criticized the look and discussed her discomfort with how it was handled. Instead, go for Leia’s everyday look, which still has a lot to offer. When we first meet Princess Leia, she’s rocking those iconic space buns, but she emphasizes it with bold blush and a light red lip color. Take inspiration and don’t be afraid to make your cheeks pop.

Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction): Class and Sass

Pulp Fiction’s iconic promotional photo of Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace, lounging on her bed with a cigarette held lazily in her hand, is one of the most recognizable promotional stills of all time. Every piece of her fashion makes an impact: the jet black bob cut, the wispy bangs, the high stilettos, and even the understated choker necklace. If you’re not going for the full Halloween costume, stick to the basics with thin, light eyebrows, strong contour, and a rust-red lipstick. You can even bump it up a notch with her Chanel nail polish in Vamp, which sold out in stores after the movie’s release.

Sandy Olsson (Grease): Vintage Charm

She may have started out as a sweet cheerleader from Australia, but Olivia Newton-John’s transformation into her ‘50s bombshell greaser persona was definitely part of the reason Grease did so well at the box office. Give yourself a little bit of that vintage charm with a little bit of dark eyeliner and a red lipstick that truly pops. Don’t forget to offset your makeup with some chunky earrings and a messy hairstyle for maximum impact.

Margot Helen Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums): Pensive With a Touch of Kohl

Margot’s kohl-rimmed eyes are a fashion statement that really can’t be overlooked. This pensive, softly emotional look relies heavily on the eyeliner, which drew inspiration from the pioneering goth style of ‘60s pop icon Christa Päffgen, known by the stage name Nico. Indulge your inner punk goth for this one; although you can use any old eye pencil to do it, a kohl pencil will give you the super-intense, slightly smudgy look you’re aiming for.

Veronica Sawyer (Heathers): Bold, Brash and ‘80s

Every piece of fashion in Heathers screams the ‘80s; none of these female characters would be caught dead without their power suits, square shoulder pads and all. However, although the Heathers bring the heat with their light, feminine beauty, Winona Ryder definitely inspired a generation with her brooding smudged eyeliner and defined eyebrows. Follow her slightly contradictory path by emphasizing that goth vibe with a bit of blush and peach lipstick.


Vintage Grease movie makeup look
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Movie makeup has a lot to offer, and plenty of people use different movie looks for makeup inspiration even today. You can take some of these hugely iconic looks and tone them down just a little bit for everyday wear. Plus, they’re iconic enough to turn into a Halloween costume if you add on the requisite clothing pieces and hairstyles. If you love the interesting world of movie makeup, you may want to pursue cosmetology to become part of that elite group of artists. Check out the cosmetology program from Ogle School to learn more and start your journey.

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