Short or Long? How to Rock Any Length in the Summer

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As summer rolls around, you begin thinking about what style you’re going to sport this season. A crucial point to consider, especially if you live in a warmer area, is how it performs in the heat.

Is it better to cut your hair for the summer, or can you last with those long locks? Here are some things to know before making your decision.

Your Hair Color May Be Warming You Up

When you think about keeping cool in the summer, your first concern may be that long hair traps the heat, while short hair lets it escape. Although long hair can definitely make you warmer, that’s not the only element impacting your hair’s temperature.

Dark colors absorb heat far more easily than light colors do. As such, someone with very dark short hair may actually feel the burn more than a long-haired blonde.

If you find that the temperature underneath your hair doesn’t bother you, but touching the surface of your hair results in scorching heat, consider revamping your hair color before getting a cut.

Thinning Your Hair May Help

This works regardless of whether you have long or short hair, but it’s especially helpful for those with long, thick hair. Oftentimes, it’s not just the length; it’s how much hair you actually have on your head, all of which can quickly get very hot and heavy.

If you thin your hair with a layered cut, some feathering, or even an undercut, heat can escape more effectively. As such, any hairstyle will be more comfortable in the summer.

Be warned: Although you can technically thin your hair on your own, it’s not advised. You’re playing with fire here; one wrong move and you may end up with a choppy mess. Then, you’ll need to fix it with a pixie cut, which is cute, but isn’t your goal. Instead, ask your stylist to apply this delicate but very cool cut the next time you visit the salon.

You Need to Protect Your Hair from Your Summer Fun

When using a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer, you always hear about using heat protective products to keep your hair safe. Why neglect that routine with the sun’s heat?

Many things can damage both long and short hair throughout the summer: chlorine from pools, salt from the ocean, heat from the sun, impact from the wind, and much more. You should add protection from the start, but also be sure to repair any damage the summer leaves behind.

Choose products that re-hydrate your hair, restore brightness, and wash out chemicals such as chlorine. If you’re not sure which products can best suit your summer routine, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for suggestions.

Your Hairstyle Should Match You, Not the Weather

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Obviously, getting a haircut or styling your hair differently when summertime rolls around can be great for some people. If a pixie cut makes you feel more comfortable while you’re out and about on a sunny July day, then you should absolutely go for it.

However, a haircut shouldn’t be decided upon just because you think it’ll help prevent overheating at the beach. If you dislike your hairstyle, it’s the wrong one for you. Not only will you be uncomfortable with it, but other people will notice that you hate it, too.

The first step for a summer hairstyle should be deciding on the right look for you. Then, discuss it with your stylist to see how to implement it most effectively.

For many people, their current hairstyle is something they love. If you don’t want to revamp it just because July has rolled around, you shouldn’t. Keep your old hairstyle and tweak it a bit to help you get through the summer.

On the other hand, summer is also a great time to take the leap and get a brand-new look. That can be as drastic as cutting off two feet of hair and bleaching it blonde, or as subtle as adding in some bangs.

Whether you’re sticking with an old style or trying on a new one, a professional stylist can help. Come into an Ogle School salon today and get salon treatment for the upcoming summer months.

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