Summer Hair Repair

Tricks to keep your tresses from looking like you’ve neglected them since the summer of ’69.

Parched, fried, bleached, tousled, tie-dyed… It’s been a cruel summer for your hair. Whatever kind of fun you had after school’s out, chances are your hair is showing signs of wear—but don’t worry, we have the summer hair cures that will get you prepped and pretty for fall.

Photo credit: Womans Day
Photo credit: Womans Day

Start with a trim.

Parched hair is more likely to suffer from breakage and split ends, so dial your stylist and head in for a damage control session. Trimming decimated tips will give hair a solid head start on the path to healing. Since everyone’s hair is unique, your stylist can assess the aftermath of summer soirees and make specific recommendations for your individual needs. Armed with a quality cut and a game plan, you’ll be even more inspired to get your tresses back on track.

Replenish moisture.

Dry hair withering from an excess of sun, surf, and heat styling will be a mere memory once you partner with the right potion: deep conditioner, hair oil, or leave-in conditioner. Deep conditioner is slathered on in the shower after shampooing and leaves your hair feeling fresh and replenished after a few minutes. For extra power, use plastic wrap or a shower cap to infuse extra moisture deep into hair. Hair oil treatments repair damaged strands and leave them with an extra kick of shine and smoothness. Comb a leave-in conditioner from root to tip after towel drying clean hair for a moisture surge that will hold tight until your next wash.

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Heal from the inside out.

Drinking plenty of water will not only make skin glow, it will help your hair grow long and strong. You can also swap the chips for healthier superfood snacks to give locks new life. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants, salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that moisturize from within, and walnuts contain biotin (vitamin B7) that can improve growth and strengthen hair.

Prep before you cannonball.

The next time you plan on taking a dip, protect your hair from salt, chlorine, and other chemicals with a spray-in shield. Mix a few tablespoons of your favorite conditioning mask with a few cups of warm water (match the ratio of tablespoons to cups and mix enough to coat all your hair). Pour the potion into a spray bottle and shake well, then twist hair into a bun. Since follicles are punctuated with tiny holes like a sponge, this magic mix will keep your hair moisturized and prevent follicles from soaking up damaging elements. It will also help protect your color!

Beat the heat.

Prepare locks for styling with a quality heat protection spray or serum. Better yet, grant your mane a breather from the flat iron and hair dryer. Give hair a post-summer vacation with some modern braids, a chic updo, or a carefree ponytail and leave the hot tools in the drawer for a few days.

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Stay beachy year-round without the damage.

For anyone who just can’t bear summer days drifting away, a sea salt spray can score beachy waves any day of the year. Sprays come in a wide variety, from texturizing to shine boosting. Some formulas even include UV protection to keep your color vibrant whether you’re on the streets or in the surf.

If you’d like more hair tips or need summer repair for your hair, call your nearest Ogle School. We’d love to help you get your hair back on track for the fall season!

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