Sunset Eyeshadow: Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial

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Sunset Eyeshadow: Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial

The sunset eye is a high drama look. Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or an at-home pro, this step-by-step tutorial will help you create the colorful #sunseteyes makeup trend that’s been all over Instagram.

sunset eye makeup tutorial Ogle School

Find out how to take your eyeshadow from bright orange to a deep purple for the ultimate sunset eye.

Step 1: Prime Your Lids

prime eyelids for long wear

Add an eyeshadow primer on the entire eyelid up to the brow line, and blend thoroughly. Here, we used the Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye Primer by Rihanna’s line, Fenty Beauty. Not only does the primer create a smooth base that’ll help you build up your color, but it also helps your makeup last longer.

Step 2: Define the Eye

eyeshadow application with blending brush

With a fluffy blending brush, define your eye shape using a nude eyeshadow. We used the color called Narrative in the Poison Garden palette by NABLA. Add the shadow to the entire lid, and create a strong diagonal winged shape.

Step 3: Building Depth

define cat-eye shape with shadow

Using a deep purple eyeshadow, define the outer corner of the eye, elongating into a cat-eye shape and blending into the crease of your eyelid. We used the same Poison Garden palette by NABLA in a shade called Opera.

Step 4: Mid-tone of Eyelids

blend multiple sunset eyeshadow colors

Now, with a densely bristled brush, start creating your multi-tonal eyelid. Mentally divide your eyelid into thirds, and leave the outer third with the deep purple. To the center third, add a hot fuchsia color such as the Berry Bite color from the same NABLA palette. Carefully blend the fuchsia into the purple, but don’t over blend and muddy the colors.

Step 5: Light-tone of Eyelids

inner eyelid shadow application

Use a light rose color for the inner third of the eyelid. This shade called Rosita is from the same palette. Again, lightly blend this shade into the fuchsia.

Step 6: Orange Splash

inner corner eyeshadow application

Dab a matte orange eyeshadow to the inside corner of the eye. We changed color palettes for this and used Party Animal Pressed Pigment in the color called Dranks.

Step 7: Shade Lower Lash Line

lower lash line eyeshadow application

Returning to the deep purple you used in step three, lightly add a sweep of color onto your lower lash line, blending to create a colored smoke effect.

Step 8: Line Eyes

apply black winged eyeliner

With matte black eyeliner, such as ZOEVA’s Soft Kohl eyeliner in the Noir shade, line the upper eyelid, creating a slight wing at the outer edge. For the lower lash, define the outer two thirds with eyeliner, and use a small angled brush to blend.

Step 9: Add Highlights

white eyeliner brightens and defines

Using a white pencil eyeliner, define the inner third of the lower eye. We used the Faux White Eye Brightener from NYX that’s a pink-tinted white.

Step 8: Boost Lashes

coat lashes with black mascara

With volumizing mascara, add a coat of rich, black color to your eyelashes to complete this look of an unforgettable sunset eye.

sunset eyeshadow style complete

If you try this sunset eye makeup, we’d love to see a photo!

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