Texas Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Following

Make-up and beauty trends can leave your makeup drawers overloaded and your wallet empty. We’ve found the best beauty bloggers in Texas that breakdown the latest trends, tips and tools so you know exactly what products to buy and how to use them to achieve beauty inside and out.

Neely Stoller

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This 2013 Dallas A List Blogger nominee focuses on fitness, nutrition and the latest trends to keep your closet, makeup drawer and body beautiful. Her fitness tips and healthy eats will be sure to give your skin that healthy glow, even if it comes in the form of sweat beads dripping off your brow. Not to mention, if you can stay up with her fitness regimen, your body will look beautiful too.

2013 Nominee Dallas A List- Best local blogger

Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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We like how this blog has gone from a list of the latest trends and must-haves to taking us on a personal journey with her family. If you’re a mama, it is great to read and relate to her stories on motherhood and marriage, along with all the other great beauty samplings. Her latest giveaway is especially for those fashionable mamas-to-be, because who wouldn’t love a fashionably, free nursery? We love reading about the latest trends in make-up, but when beauty news is written with an extra personal touch, it makes it that much more enjoyable to read.

Our favorite blog posts:
You wonder when they lose it
On the Sock Bun Bandwagon

Independent Fashion Bloggers

Sasha Stubblefield

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This is the one stop blog for all things beautiful! It is like every little beauty and make-up tip, trick and product all tested, reviewed and neatly organized into one beautiful blog. From powder to lip plumpers, bronzers to balms, this blog takes the cake on giving you the run down on your must have beauty products. Oh, and did we mention her amazing Pinterest boards. Her Current Beauty Buzz boards will have you pinning away your must-have beauty products for eyes, lips, face and hair. And once you pin the latest trends in beauty and make-up, just click on over to her other boards for the best beauty tools and all the necessary info and tutorials to become the makeup artist you have always wanted to become.

2012 101 Beautilicious Blog Awards

Contributor for:
Savvy Texas Magazine
Gal Time

Monica Abney

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Beauty tips are a beautiful thing! Our absolute faves of the Classy and Fabulous blog are the How to do and Beauty Tips written for the lovely, hot and humid Texas weather. Making a bun look fab on a hot summer day is a must in Texas! We also know the tips from Class and Fab are the real deal since she has been featured on a ton of other local blogs! She is a true fashionista, and her passion for Houston and beauty comes across in her writings.

 Class & Fab has been featured in:
Houston Chronicle
Houston Tidbits: Beauty and the Blog
Mirror Mirror

Austin Beauty Guide

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The tagline for this site is “Your guide to the best beauty in Austin,” and it does not disappoint. This site has a great blog and review section. What stands out are the events section and listing of local happenings for all you beauty and makeup mavens in Austin. We’ll be keeping track of Austin Beauty Week in our calendar.

Jennifer Wijangco

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We LOVE makeup and beauty product reviews! Our favorite aspect of the Beautypendence blog is she only posts positive reviews. Negative reviews are abundant in the beauty blogosphere, so its refreshing to read positive remarks about products. This blogger also reviews local salon and spas for the beautiful people of Austin. Her local review for the Woodhouse Day Spa had us yearning for a spectacular facial. Once again, her positive reviews on the local establishments entices us to experience all the lovely services they have to offer.

 Some of our favorite blog posts:
10 Products, 10 minutes to an Easy Makeup Look
What’s New in Foundation Fall 2012

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