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The Texas style is something that’s easy to love, but hard to replicate. Plenty of nuances exist in Texas fashion, and the variety of Texas beauty bloggers across the internet shows that Texas doesn’t just encompass one style; we have mommy bloggers from Dallas, makeup experts from San Antonio and day spas from Austin. If you want to make sure you’re living the Texas lifestyle to the fullest, here are the best beauty and fashion bloggers in Texas that you need to get on your feed.

1. Neely Stoller | It Starts With Coffee | Dallas


A Texas native and mom to a toddler, Neely blogs about her favorite parts of her own life, as well as how you can improve your own, regardless of your current life and beauty situation. From beauty products to weekly prepping and even blogging tips, Neely has something for everyone across the country.

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2. Marnie Goldberg | Ms. gold Girl | San Antonio

Marnie is the queen of the casual mom look. Although she largely posts videos on her YouTube channel, she also has an active beauty blog. With two sons, three dogs, and a bustling online presence, Marnie is the perfect blogger to check out when you’re looking for an easily accessible style for the busy Texas woman.


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3. Samantha Stewart | Style of Sam | Fort Worth

Samantha Stewart

Sam is a beauty blogger, but she’s a pharmacist as well. She offers a unique scientific perspective on fashion and beauty. From taking care of her two kids to maintaining a science-based beauty routine, Sam can help you keep your Texas beauty grounded.

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4. Kristina Braly | Houston


Texas girls have their own sense of femininity, and Kristina is looking to help you understand it. As a lover of the “everygirl,” Kristina is here to let you know that you can exist fashionably outside of a magazine. Although she never claims to be a master of fashion, you can take style tips from her, knowing that she’s working hard to pave the way for feminine Texans of all stripes.

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5. Brooke Burnett | One Small Blonde | Dallas

Brooke Burnett

After going to school in Dallas, Brooke, like so many other people, realized how beautiful the city was, and decided to stay. She describes her style as simple, sophisticated, and chic, and can help you find your own style along those lines. As a fashion follower herself, Brooke helps steer other Texans toward a perfect sense of fashion.

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6. Katey McFarlan | Chronicles of Frivolity | Fort Worth


With her healthy understanding of the Fort Worth and Dallas areas, Katey realizes how important fashion can be to the everyday Texas woman. Chronicles of Frivolity may have started as a place to share stories of frivolous clothing purchases, but it’s developed into a guide to loving every cent of those purchases.

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7. Courtney Kerr | KERRently | Dallas


Courtney is no ordinary beauty blogger; she’s a spunky, unique girl that doesn’t mind going her own way, and that shines through in her beauty suggestions. She’s made an impact on TV for a reason, and her style tips will show you exactly why. Take a page from this Texan TV star’s book and find a new fashion style that suits you perfectly.

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8. Bradley Agather Means | Luella & June | Dallas


A personal sense of style doesn’t have to be over-the-top, and Bradley knows that well. She’s known for her love of delicately feminine beauty and travel adventures, sharing her personal style journey on Luella & June. For 10 years now, Bradley has been inspiring people just like you, and you can be the next in that long line.

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9. Courtney Shields | Bring Your Own Beauty | Austin


Courtney has dedicated her online presence to making sure you feel like the best version of yourself. Whether it’s lifestyle advice, beauty favorites, date night ideas, or anything else, you can be sure you’re getting some inspiring information. Join the Bring Your Own Beauty family and bring Courtney’s sense of style into your own.

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Texas beauty is in a class all of its own, and you should be sure you’re making the most of it. If you’ve decided it’s time for a style makeover, look no further than your closest Ogle School salon. With locations in Arlington, Hurst, Fort Worth, Dallas, Denton, San Antonio, and Houston, you’re never far from your next Texan makeover.

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