The Top 15 Dallas-Based Beauty, Fashion and Hair Influencers to Follow on IG

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Instagram beauty influencers in Dallas

The Top 15 Dallas-Based Beauty, Fashion and Hair Influencers to Follow on IG

Instagram beauty in Dallas, Texas
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Dallas is one of the hotspots of the beauty industry, but all too often, people don’t really notice its position. If you want more of some Dallas beauties on your Instagram following page, make sure you give these beauty lovers a follow.

@daniaustin | Dani Austin Ramirez | 729k Followers

Dani Austin Ramirez is probably the most well-known Dallas beauty influencer out there. She’s here to show you exactly how to look chic and stylish while living your day-to-day life exactly the way you love it, no matter what that means for you.

@nextwithnita | Nita Mann | 346k Followers

Nita Mann is a law school graduate who now blogs full time. She and her husband make it a point to share all sorts of things from their lives with their followers, which means you can really make a connection with them.

@samanthabelbel | Samantha Belbel | 345k Followers

Petite women often require clothing with different proportions than other women, and Samantha Belbel is helping provide petite women with the skills they need to thrive. From lifestyle posts to fashion and beyond, Samantha Belbel has what you’re looking for.

@ashleyrobertson | Ashley Robertson | 304k Followers

As The Teacher Diva, Ashley Robertson is doing everything she can to make it easier for you to find your own style in your day-to-day life. Her lifestyle and beauty posts are geared toward making it easier to transition into a fashion-forward life.

@kerrently | Courtney Kerr | 292k Followers

In 2011, Courtney Kerr got a place on the Bravo docudrama “Most Eligible Dallas,” leading to a 2013 spinoff of her own called “Courtney Loves Dallas.” Her larger-than-life personality and impeccable fashion sense were what initially drew people to her, and they’re still what make people interested today.

@trilly.rya | Mariah | 231k Followers

At only 19 years old, Mariah has still carved out a huge spot for herself in the fashion and beauty community. Her feed is full of all sorts of looks, and she dabbles in a wide variety of styles, making her Instagram feed the place to be if you want to stay up to date.

@lonestarsouthern | Kate Padgitt | 205k Followers

As Southern Living’s Tastemaker ’20 and holder of many fans’ hearts, Kate Padgitt is well-known for being a modern southern belle. This Dallas lover fills her followers’ feeds with pictures of herself, her outfits, and the world around her, always in a beautiful manner.

@curlybeviie | Beverly Coleman | 199k Followers

One of the things you’ll notice first and foremost about Beverly Coleman is her beautiful curls, and that’s exactly how she likes it. She’s even the CEO of a company dedicated to helping curly-haired women. If you love up-to-date Dallas fashion and hair care tips from a curly-haired legend, you definitely need her on your feed.

@jalisaevaughn | JaLisa E. Jefferson | 169k Followers

One of the most interesting things about JaLisa E. Jefferson (née Vaughn) is the fact that her growth happened essentially on accident because she loves to take pictures of her outfits. She always wants her content to be inspiring, uplifting and thoughtful, and she makes a point to maintain personal connections with her audience.

@sidesmilestyle | Ashley Butterfield | 161k Followers

With a special love for fashion, travel, lifestyle content and beauty, Ashley Butterfield’s brand is all about finding the simplest of pleasures in things. You’ll see her in Dallas and on the road, showing off her newest finds for her thousands of followers.

@amyhavins | Amy Havins | 139k Followers

Amy Havins’s brand is all about being a fashionable mom. She knows you don’t always have time to do your makeup and hair when you’re taking care of a couple of little ones, and she’s proof that you can still make it look great.

@roseybeeme | Rosey Blair | 121k Followers

If you love fashion, flair, Dallas and body positivity, you’re going to love Rosey Blair. That’s exactly what she does with her platform every day. Whether you yourself are plus-size or you just like seeing people shine in whatever body they have, Rosey Blair does a great job of making her platform inclusive and positive for all.

@onesmallblonde | Brooke Burnett | 116k Followers

As a female entrepreneur, fashion lover and appreciator of beauty, Brooke Burnett is a Dallas creator who’s continuing to carve out a niche for herself online. You can follow her to get elegant yet carefree content from a variety of sources.

@neelykins | Neely Stoller | 101k Followers

Being a mom is tough, and it’s even tougher when you still want to look cute. Neely Stoller, however, is doing her best to prove that these things aren’t mutually exclusive. With her followers by her side, she’s showcasing all the ways in which she makes her life a little cuter every day.

@hkcung | Hoàng-Kim Cung | 94k Followers

Hoàng-Kim Cung got her start on the big stage as Miss Nebraska USA in 2015 when she was just 24. Since then, she’s grown a dedicated fanbase on Instagram and beyond, making a splash in a variety of areas, including general lifestyle posting, fashion, home design and much more.


Instagram beauty influencers in Dallas
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