The Best Hairstyles to Try as an Advanced Stylist

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advanced hair styles to try

The Best Hairstyles to Try as an Advanced Stylist

As you become more well versed in styling hair, you’re going to start wanting to try a variety of hairstyles that beginner stylists might not be ready for. Whether you’re currently in cosmetology school or you’re still technically a hobbyist, there’s always space to stretch your skills and try something new. Here are six intriguingly intricate hairstyles that an advanced stylist may want to try out.

  • Flower Braid
advanced hair styles to try
Ofresia –

It’s possible to create something that looks like a flower in your hair using nothing but the hair itself. The flower braid by itself is relatively simple—you can just braid a portion of your hair, then twirl it up to create something that looks just like a flower. However, you can also add your own flair—try adding extensions, a colored braid, or something similar for that extra pop of originality.

  • 5-Strand Braid

The three-strand braid looks beautiful all by itself, but have you ever heard of a five-strand braid? It’s a more complicated weave, but it uses the same principle as a three-strand braid. Divide the hair into five pieces, then weave those pieces together and finish it off with a hair tie. You might have to look up some tutorials to get the hang of the five-strand braid, but once you’ve done it a few dozen times, it’ll be just as ingrained into your muscle memory as its more common cousin.

  • Faux Bob

The faux bob isn’t advanced because it’s difficult, but instead because it takes some work to look convincing. A faux bob is the key to turning long hair short just for a day when you don’t want to actually go in for the “big chop.” Essentially, you divide the hair into two ponytails just under the length you want the bob, then you use those ponytails to fold the hair up and under. With a handful of bobby pins, you can stick the look in place and create a convincing bob. You just might need some practice to make it look extremely natural.

  • Waterfall Braids
complicated hair designs for stylists
kasanea –

Essentially, a waterfall braid is a bit like a one-sided French braid. Where a French braid pulls hair into itself, eventually coming to a point where all the hair is in the French braid, a waterfall braid pulls the French braid across the side of your hair, leaving one strand out every so often and pulling a new strand in. It sounds complicated because it can be, but with a great tutorial by your side, you can create a look that seems like your hair’s falling through itself.

  • Triple Half-Updo

The “triple half-updo” is exactly what it sounds like; it essentially just does a half-updo three times. For this style, you’ll create a half-updo at the highest point of the head. Then, the center point where the half-updo comes together will lead down into a second half-updo, typically around the jawline. That center point will lead down into the third half-updo, typically around the shoulders. It looks complicated, but it really just requires a bit of time and knowledge.

  • Upside-Down French Braid Into Bun
unique hair braids to try
RubberHorse –

An upside-down French braid is always a showstopper because it’s hard to understand exactly how you did that. The upside-down French braid starts at the base of the neck, then goes up to the crown of the head. It’s done by sweeping all the hair upward, so it’s flowing backward, then French braiding as normal. Once you get to the crown of the head, you can then turn it into a bun for an understated, but showstopping look.


These are all styles that work best when you have a decent amount of experience in hairstyling. From the actual styling part to the positioning to understanding whether the style will fit well with a specific client’s hair, you need experience to pull these off well. The cosmetology program at Ogle School will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to make sure your hairstyles all turn out top-notch, no matter how simple or complicated they may be.

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