The Biggest Benefits of Going to Cosmetology School Part Time

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The Biggest Benefits of Going to Cosmetology School Part Time

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When you start looking into cosmetology school, you may note that some cosmetology programs offer both a part-time and a full-time program. What are the benefits of part-time cosmetology programs, especially when compared to a full-time program? Here are just a few of the biggest benefits you might experience with a part-time cosmetology program.

1. Working While You Learn

Perhaps the best benefit of a part-time cosmetology program is the fact that it’s much easier to hold a job and go to school at the same time. It’s certainly possible to go to school full-time and hold a job, especially if you have a part-time job, but it’s very difficult.

That’s why many people who don’t have scholarships and want to reduce their school debt will go part-time and have a job at the same time. When you’re able to reduce the number of hours you go to school and do homework every week, you’ll be able to dedicate some time to your job while still maintaining a decent amount of free time.

2. Learning More Slowly

Some people are slower learners. A full-time program can be great if you’re good at picking up things very rapidly, but if you tend to have a harder time retaining knowledge, you may have a difficult time with this. Slower learners don’t tend to be suited to full-time college programs simply because these programs can feel too fast.

If you tend to learn more slowly, you may want to consider a part-time program over a full-time program. Typically, part-time programs go a little more than half as quickly than a full-time program; at Ogle School, you can complete a full-time program within about seven months, whereas it will typically take around 13 months to go through the part-time program.

3. Building Your Portfolio

An important part of school is building your portfolio. When you get out of cosmetology school, you want to have a portfolio you can show potential employers so they get a sense of what you can do with your skills. You may have a physical portfolio with printouts of photos you’ve taken or a digital one hosted on a social media site like Instagram.

Regardless of how you construct your portfolio, a longer amount of time in a cosmetology program will definitely make it easier to build the portfolio more than usual. Cosmetology programs offer plenty of opportunities to create styles that will look amazing in your portfolio, and you’ll have more free time to edit photos, create side-by-side comparisons, and run a social media page.

4. Making Connections

The last main benefit you may receive from a part-time cosmetology program is that you might have more time and energy to make connections. Especially in the cosmetology world, connections are everything. It’s vital that you manage your events and extracurricular activities in such a way that you’re able to make connections with people who are already well-established.

If you’re going to school full time, you’re much more likely to feel like there’s less time to attend these extracurricular activities and events. This can be detrimental to your job prospects after school. Of course, there are plenty of full-time students who attend extracurricular activities and events, but they’re often easier for part-time students.


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As you can see, there are a variety of benefits that you may experience with a part-time cosmetology program. If you’re interested in experiencing these benefits for yourself or learning about the benefits of a full-time cosmetology program, consider getting in contact with Ogle School. It may surprise you how easy it could be to go through a part-time cosmetology program.

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